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Military service on your civilian resume...

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    Re: Military service on your civilian resume...

    There are too many resources available to help answer this question and expand on the Military experience to civilian resume.

    Do not use acronyms, as well do not worry about listing awards... If you recieved recognition or commandation for something, break it down the best you can by translating what you do (bells and whistles included) into civilian terms. If you list awards, spell them out, and reference why you got it in short order (showing a Silver Star for rushing a machine gun nest will not necessarily be a selling point - but listing such an award as something you recieved during a deployment is not a bad thing at all). If you have security clearance, you can list that to its current level - this is a measure of trust whether the position requires a clearance or not - but the caveat is that you do not need the whole world knowing you have a clearance and at what level.

    Depending on what your rank and position (MOS, etc) are, you may realistically have experience in administrative tasks, planning tasks, scheduling tasks... Just because you are Infantry or an MP, for example, there are real world translations of your duties in your position - other than security guard or floor buffer...

    Do not elude to dellusions of granduer by using 2 dollar words, like expeditionary to describe yourself - go to BRASS TACKS...

    A resume is a summary of your experience, education and training. Most Human Resource people will tell you that they want to get the "nuts and bolts" in a simple easy to read, down and dirty, this is what I have done (in plain english) - as proof of what I can do for your company.

    I did a simple search while typing this ("military to civilian resume" - first link was: - don't rely on just one, research a bit - after all it is your future, so spend the time) and got quite a few hits... use a little imagination and you can possibly find more sites/examples to help you out! And, NO, there is no reason to pay for a resume service... there are to many free services available through the military and public employment services to help.

    If you get an interview, you can expand on all your background - and if the interviewer is prior-military, they will understand what you are talking about better than most civilians.
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      Re: Military service on your civilian resume...

      Hmmmm all good points in my book. I have the same issue when making a resume. I only had 2 jobs on the books in my life. 1 I was a Maintenance Worker for a Local Youth School/Program. The other being the ARNG. So my resume is pretty blank, I just posted those 2 jobs...

      If you have taken correspondence course or your MOS requires you to know Microsoft stuff etc....I would def add that. I know I list certificates/certifications available upon request. I just have a full binder I keep them in. Maybe I'm doing my resume wrong as well. I've been to many job placement or resume services and they all told me different things to do. I'm surely confused myself. Unfortunitly, my MOS isant very helpful lol. My certificates and training outside the 13B MOS, are better knowledge to any job, I.E. Microsoft, Internet, Works, Excel, Word, ITT basics, Disaster Management, NIMS etc. Great for FEMA, OEM, DHS etc. but not great in other jobs.

      Good Luck and I hope these guys have been a help, cause I'm surely lost myself when it comes to a resume LOL.


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        Re: Military service on your civilian resume...

        Random revival of old threads again? Let em die brother, let em die... lol