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Wanting a AGR postion what MOS to pick?

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    Re: Wanting a AGR postion what MOS to pick?

    Originally posted by dnall
    There's usually only a couple 15Gs in a given BN. Long term you would most likely reclass in a mechanic MOS. For a tech job doing that, you would need years of experience.

    Understand that the full-time staff at a guard unit is a skeleton crew in which each individual has the knowledge of & is doing the work of dozens & dozens of part-time folks. A new troop right out of AIT is in learning mode. They don't do anything without someone over their shoulder. The folks you'll see turning wrenches at a flight facility have been doing that specialty for many years, and are theoretically really hot stuff at what they do & need almost no help or supervision to do very complex stuff on a daily basis.

    Across at the unit, especially in aviation line companies, they don't have authorized slots for a readiness NCO or supply sgt. The readiness is a PSG over crew chiefs, which means they have that chew chief MOS. The supply sgt is normally an E5/6 in a TI/PC type slot. In both cases they picked up the admin/supply MOS as a secondary so they could come on AGR. The bigger companies will have authorized slots for supply sgts. The HHC readiness is normally going to be a 15P.

    Your best bet normally is going to be going with the MOS that there's a lot of in your unit. That means faster promotions & more opportunities.

    Again, if you're looking for a full-time career you need to go to active duty. If you're looking for a full-time paycheck anywhere close to when you get back from AIT, you need to go to active duty. Full-time gigs in the guard are very few and far between. There's a handful of lower enlisted we're able to bring on temp-tech or ADOS orders, but those are 6mo tours at best, and ONLY if we have money which we mostly don't. There's normally dozens of folks wanting those jobs and maybe a couple we can hire a year if we're lucky. Being in the right place at the right time works out well for that.
    Well I dont think telling someone that is looking for AGR that its hard to get.

    I had 1 private get an AGR job within 3 weeks after AIT.
    Another did 1 deployment right after AIT and now got a AGR job as a 15T , he is a 74D and he is getting sent to reclass.

    You might have to wait to get E4 to start but it can be done if you have the drive.
    There are plently of AGR slots, if you are willing to reclass, drive, or even move.

    Go to this link, it links all 54 NG states and territories to their AGR and tech position vacancys


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      Re: Wanting a AGR postion what MOS to pick?

      My best friend shipped to ait, got home, went back to the computer repair shop for 6 months and then was hired full time perm as a wg11 at age 20. No deployments, just over a year doing easy computer repairs for people who apparently lack common sense. Another thing, if the defense budget goes up alot they tend to hire alot more. There are at least 4 vacancies at the shop here that are waiting for a larger budget to be hired for, they need more help but are on a hiring standstill, have been for awhile.


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        Re: Wanting a AGR postion what MOS to pick?

        Check on, find KY and click on that to see what AGR/ Tech jobs are open for your state. That might help you see what MOS you want to choose. I'm just guessing here, but the AVN side might be better than FA, again, just guessing.