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An OC's packing list for OCS

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  • An OC's packing list for OCS

    OK as promised here is my list of items that were invaluable to me during AOCS that were not on my states packing list. Remember that I attended the summer accelerated course and some items may not apply for traditional candidates or the winter accelerated course.

    -waterproof notebook
    -waterproof pens
    -bungee cords
    -large and small ziplock freezer bags (pay the extra money for the freezer bags)
    -baby wipes
    -large container of gold bond body powder
    -large container of gold bond foot powder
    -GOOD insoles for my boots
    -2 laundry bags
    -a GOOD pair of gloves

    If anyone has items to add or questions about certain items feel free to add or ask.

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    Re: An OC's packing list for OCS

    Thanks! :D


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      Re: An OC's packing list for OCS

      The only thing I'd change/add is a good black marker in place of the em-nu. It's less messy and can done in a hurry.

      Also the insoles, be ready to do with out them. My Phase I class couldn't have them as they collected water and were giving people trench foot.


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        Re: An OC's packing list for OCS

        I thought my headlamp with red lens was one of the most useful things I had. Helps to be able to use both hands.

        The em-nu vs marker debate will never be settled. I was a marker man myself, but the em-nu seemed to last a little longer. It didn't really matter because by the end of the day either one wore off as you low crawled and bear craweled around Ft McClellan. Make sure you keep a marker in your pocket.

        If you go during the summer don't take anything cold weather related unless it is n the locker display. This includes your cold weather sleeping bag. Heck after this summer I wouldn't take my warm weather bag. The bivy cover and woobi are all you need. Way lighter to ruck around the hills of Alabama, and more room in your locker.


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          Re: An OC's packing list for OCS

          ^ do take cold weather gear if you're going to Summer in SD though. It got chilly in June. Don't wear it on a ruck though, no matter how cold it is in the morning.

          Plus one on the red lense head lamp. I didn't have one, and I can tell you right now it would have been a HUGE help on night land nav.

          The other big thing I'd recommend is contact laminate sheets. Being able to make & laminate little accountability cards was semi-helpful early on. For ph3, being able to create opord shells & laminate them for the whole squad was essential.


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            Re: An OC's packing list for OCS

            When I was in AD, I always had a chuckle at those guys who wore cold weather gear before a ruck march. They would be hurting so bad at the end!:cool:


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              Re: An OC's packing list for OCS

              Great packing list. Concur on all - especially the Ziploc bags. As Cyall can confirm. With enough Ziploc bags, your ruck can get tossed in a lake and your good. Otherwise, you have to borrow socks from people when it rains 4 straight nights.

              The red headlamp is key ... but a word of advice: try not to put it down in the dirt and step on it your first night in the field. I hear thats rough.

              The M-Nu versus marker debate is easy: M-Nu is superior, so every time you have plenty of time to spend carefully blacking all of your brass, it'll be the choice ... except, of course, that you never ever have plenty of time (unless you wanna skip sleep), which is why you have the marker.

              And please, bring your Bivy cover to your sleeping bag. I knew this one idiot who figured that since it never rained in Phase I, it surely wouldn't rain in Phase III. Don't be that guy.
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                Re: An OC's packing list for OCS

                Yeah I forgot the marker thing, some prefered markers over em-nu, but either way you will most definately need a permanent marker for those quick touch ups after low crawling to the phone pole and back :eek:

                The head lamp, and laminating sheets were definately two things I wish I had.

                Another thing I forgot to add was, hand sanitizer. Especially a couple of the smaller bottles that you can keep on you.


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                  Re: An OC's packing list for OCS

                  About those ziplock bags. Get some big ones. There are 2.5 gal bags. If you can find them; you can fit an entire uniform change into one bag. Makes it a lot easier to find it in the dark.


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                    Re: An OC's packing list for OCS

                    Yeah about the powder too... get a few smaller containers (fit in the upper pocket of your ruck) versus one giant one.


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                      Re: An OC's packing list for OCS

                      I was lucky enough to have the large ACU ruck, the pockets were big enough to fit 3 large bottles of powder in one pocket.


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                        Re: An OC's packing list for OCS

                        I have also just returned from "Bama" 2 weeks ago. (B Co, 3rd PLT, 2nd SQD)

                        I would add to your packing list an external bag (ACU camo) that attaches to your ruck that would allow you to hold extra socks, foot powder, poncho. (whatever)

                        This allows you to access these items quickly when you have a minute or in the dark when you are fumbling around. (They are in your Ziploc bags to stay dry of course)

                        I also used chigger-x everyday around my waist & top of my socks to keep the dreaded red-bugs away. It worked good for me, maybe 3 bites the entire time I was in the field. Others looked as if they had the chicken pox (not pretty)