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College credit for OCS

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  • College credit for OCS

    I am trying to get the minimum 90 credits to got to OCS and I recently changed my degree program and they lowered the amount of transfer credit they are willing to accept towards my new degree. I now only have around 60 credits towards my degree!
    I have 101 total credits under my belt between military transcripts and college transcripts however so I was wondering if that will count towards the minimum of 90 or do they have to be applied towards a degree program?

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    You need 60 to get in, 90 to commission I am pretty sure.


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      Ya, I know you need 60 to go to traditional and 90 to go to accelerated or Federal but my question is whether that credit needs to be all on one transcript or can it be a combination of Smart transcripts..colleges...service schools..etc

      I am pretty sure it has to be all on a college transcript but I wanted to know this for sure so I can do some maneuvering to get the minimums...

      I am looking at transferring to Excelsior college because they accept all prior credits from just about anywhere....


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        Your credits must be from an accredited college or university. They do not have to be on one transcript.


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          [QUOTE=cyall]Your credits must be from an accredited college or university. They do not have to be on one transcript.[/QUOTE]

          Thanks for the clarification.


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            Good to go -

            Yup, you got over 90 from a variety of sources, you are good to go by Army standards...Just need to get that degree finished in time for your Captain Federal Recognition Board...


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              From what I have read it has to all be on an official transcript. Would my military credit on my SMART (AARTS) count?


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                Not one...

                Yes, Official Transcript...But it can be more than one...

                I turned in about 4 when I applied for OCS...