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Problems Getting DD214?

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    That's unfortunate. I can't see that happening, unless you had an entry level separation.... Wow.

    [QUOTE=CRowland]I know that they (recruiters) are able to pull certain things off the main system BUT (big BUT) mine was no where to be found. After, years.... no one had done the paperwork...I know that never happens right? LOL[/QUOTE]


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      Yeah, I faxed out another request to NPC. If I don't hear anything back this week the recruiter said he'd make some calls.


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        Friggen NPC.....

        I got a letter in the mail today from the NAVY Personnel Command contaning my DD214. However, it was my DD214 FROM THE ARMY! Are you friggen serious?

        They even sent me a CD withever document they have on file. Apparantly no DD214 was ever made for me according to them. All there is some 4 page letter stating I was discharged. Hope that is enough for the recruiter to work with.


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          That is why I am in the Army now. The officer that swore me in was Navy. She looked at me, asked if I was prior ( guess that many years in she could tell by the way I could get to attention?), I told her yes, she asked what branch, I told her Navy Reserve, and she freaked (yes she is an officer but she was really laid back). She asked me if the Navy couldn't offer me anything better. Not going to get into details, I told her No maam, the Army NG is everything I want and more. :D