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New Change? Bachelors Degree for OCS

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    Re: New Change? Bachelors Degree for OCS

    Perhaps I can state that differently, though my main point does not change. I have a degree in music education, and am currently pursuing my masters in the same while working for my officer commission. There is often a misperception that music is some sort of easy degree, that we don't really learn anything. I can assure you this is far from the truth, especially with the education component. I am fully capable of any other degree I would have chosen, including any engineering or scientific degree, but I chose this.

    Realizing this might not be what was being implied, I don't believe we can look at the degree and necessarily say that person will/will not succeed in any other venue. It is very often dependent on the individual.

    Fun topic though. Rarely am I tempted to post more than once in six months, much less an evening.


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      Re: New Change? Bachelors Degree for OCS

      Ha! I'm just waiting another year or so. I'm being moved to Aberdeen Proving Ground under BRAC. For those of us who are military or government employees, have a TS/SCI clearance and maintain a 3.0 GPA on undergraduate, we can enroll in the National Defense Intelligence College at the DIA.

      They have an "executive" program (nights and weekends) and get a Masters of Science in Strategic Intelligence.

      That's my plan. I meet the quals and it's just a matter of time.


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        Re: New Change? Bachelors Degree for OCS

        [QUOTE=RLO]Caution on putting a stronger appreciation on degree A vs. degree B, however. Just because a degree might appear fluffy to some, I find often we have no clue what goes into it and there's a darn good chance they require just as much intelligence and skill than the one we thought superior.[/QUOTE]
        I agree 100%,
        I have a BFA, and can testify it is as difficult as a BS. As an architect I have to be able to understand the science of a structure and all the forces applied to it.


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          Re: New Change? Bachelors Degree for OCS

          I've come to the conclusion that no matter where you go to get your education people are going to judge you.

          "You can't make everyone happy."

          Big named schools are overrated. Indeed some are better than others but research shows that a person from a less known school will do just as well.

          The degree may get you the job but it's your performance that will keep you there.

          Similarly, the saying goes, talent will get you there integrity will keep you there.

          Of'course my experience has been in divinity schools. I have no desire to have a divinity degree from any of the ivey league schools.

          My point is that whichever school you go to as long as it's accredited by CHEA, it really doesn't matter.

          It's all about resolve, I just finished LTG Boykin's book, "Never Surrender." He held several diffenert commands, and was involved in Panama, Iran hostage, hunting down drug lords, Bosnia, and Somalia.

          How he was selected for Delta? They gave them a map and set them off by themselves in the mountains of North Carolina, told them to march, and march, and march.

          Eventually they marched 40 miles with a 70 pd ruck sack and weapon.

          They just wanted to see who was mentally and physically resolved. Nothing fancy about map reading and walking.

          So no matter where you go to college, you have to have resolve.

          Two dogs meet in an alley to fight, everything being equal, which one wins? The one that wants it the most.
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