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41b Small Arms/artillery Repairer

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  • 41b Small Arms/artillery Repairer

    Does anyone knows where is this class, in what Fort ?

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    Re: 41b Small Arms/artillery Repairer

    Did you mean 45B? And didn't they change the MOS code to 91F?

    If I remember correctly, the training was at Aberdeen (APG) but I'm told it was moved to Ft. Lee.

    Looking on ATRRS, it shows 45B schools for FY09 but nothing for FY10, although FY10 shows 91F. And according to ATRRS, for FY10 the Ordnance School is at Ft. Lee. FY09 shows results for Ordnance Mechanical Maintenance School at Aberdeen.

    So from what I'm seeing, it looks like FY10 they are changing the MOS code as well as the training location. I'm a little confused, so you'll likely need information from someone else currently involved with that MOS.


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      Re: 41b Small Arms/artillery Repairer

      yes I would like to know where they are having the classes for next yer 2010.
      changing Mos.


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        Re: 41b Small Arms/artillery Repairer

        Click on the "Course Catalog" on the right side of the main page, then run a search. Speaking of searches I found this by running a search on the forums (6th tab from the left). If you going to do your homework, do your homework, dont just ask a question. Most topics have been rehashed over and over. The military expects you to be a SME in your field, ask questions but you also have to put in the work too.. Good Luck



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          Re: 41b Small Arms/artillery Repairer

          As a part of BRAC, the Ordnance School, which is currently at APG, is moving to Ft. Lee. I am not sure as to when that move for AIT students will be complete, but that is probably the reason for your conflicting locations. i would think you may possibly be told initially that your AIT will be at APG, just to later be told that it is at Ft. Lee (depending on when your class starts and when they are fully operational down at Lee).

          There is another recruit I know who has this MOS and is shipping to BCT in October, FY10. Her reservation states that her training will be at APG.


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            Re: 41b Small Arms/artillery Repairer

            45B is currently at Aberdeen Proving Ground, but will be moving to Fort Lee next year. I am currently at APG and they are phasing MOS's over to Fort Lee as we speak. Of the three companies currently in school at APG, only Alpha will remain past this year, and will probably be out by spring of next year. 45B is is Alpha company. It's possible that MOS's within Alpha company will phase out ahead of the rest of the company, but no solid time frame has been given to us. Also it's true that these maintenance MOS's are going to 91 series. I came in as a 44E, but will leave as a 91E.

            If you are going in under a maintenance MOS, such as small arms repair or welding or machinist, you will be better off if you end up at Fort Lee. They are supposed to have much newer facilities and equipment. APG is getting pretty run down, and they're not inclined to dump and money into it at this point.

            Graduate in 3 weeks!!