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    Re: Mass RSP

    [QUOTE=stuc]yea i figure that, which is why i mentioned that one of the Sgts said it so it didnt sound like i was trying to make me or the MAARNG better than everyone else. i was jus trying to show that it was tough and high speed.[/QUOTE]

    Yeah I went thru the Mass RSP program and it was pretty cool, but if your an 11C your going to Benning. I think the biggest thing it helped me with was the culture shock from civilian life to army life. just pt your a** off and study that smart book they gave you. I can tell you and im not trying to scare you the RSP progam is only a touch of basic


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      Re: Mass RSP

      We got to use the M16 range simulator this weekend and that was pretty bad***. We got a little more respect this weekend but it was still hard. We also took another PT test because you take one every month. Some kid got 81 push ups in 1 minute! It kinda sucks while your there and then you get home and wish you could go back.


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        Re: Mass RSP

        I was 6th platoon last month i got the worst smoking their in my life when i was in OR-1. Ive heard they cant smoke you anymore but hey thats what basics for.


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          Re: Mass RSP

          I've been to two RSP weekends in MA (Camp Edwards), and like previous posters have said, the MA one claims it's the best. I have no other state to compare it to, but in my estimation, they do a good job - the staff are tough but fair.

          I would compare an RSP weekend to football practice from high school (i'm an old's been awhile). You get yelled at, there's alot of standing around, you workout, practice-practice-practice, you all wear uniforms (free stuff!), you drink water all the time, and you are tired alot and it seems to take forever.

          My suggestions are: (some big, some minor)

          - you do NOT have to bring the backpack they gave you. If you do bring it..put your name on the BACK of the backpack - put a bright colored tape so you can easily identify it. When there are 40+ people with the same backpack..have fun finding yours (mine was black...never a question).

          - Wear comfortable running shoes..put inserts in them if you can. You will be standing around, on your feet ALOT. Do NOT lock your legs in formation, slightly bent and you will save alot of pain. I suffered much.

          - DO NOT WORKOUT the day before. I did a ton of pushups and paid the price.

          - Hydrate days before. Blah, you should know this - I'm not u'r mother. That's the drill sergeant.

          - Get ready for early morning wake up. Get to sleep. In the two months I went, they did not interrupt my sleep, but they did make sure you got up in the morning.

          - Do not sit near the front of the bus, the first 4 people have to unload the backpacks. Sit in the back as much as possible.

          - The haircuts they are not as concerned with it seems. Some people had quite a bit of hair - but if you don't want to risk getting yelled at - cut it. I wouldn't sweat it. Facial hair-i think they have a bigger issue with because it's a respect thing: you can shave.

          - The first RSP is tough - as it should be. The second is still tough - but not as tough, although I lucked out and had an easy time. The third (if you aren't in basic by then) is supposed to be easier, and so forth.

          - Pack light. The first weekend they give you clothes and you quickly run out of space. Rolling up your clothes saves room.

          - If you are not flexible, become so! I was so stiff - formation sucked trying to hold my hands behind my back. Stretch alot in the weeks beforehand.

          As a side note, I've spoken with many a private just out of AIT and the summary is: RUN, do PUSHUPS, do SITUPS and do LEGLIFTS as much as possible. Forget strength, go endurance.

          - I brought reading but didn't touch the book. The bus ride on the way, you're talking with people like a little schoolgirl, on the way back, you sleep (like a baby). Talk to the privates on the bus - I learned ALOT about what to expect and what I can do to prepare. Everyone is always up for helping the new guy (or girl) - they've all been there.


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            Re: Mass RSP

            [QUOTE=stuc]It kinda sucks while your there and then you get home and wish you could go back.[/QUOTE]

            I know this feeling well.


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              Re: Mass RSP

              Almost a whole year and no posts in this thread. How sad!

              I heard there have been, or will soon be, some major changes to the MA RSP. Who's been through it recently? I'm tossing around the idea of doing a few months as cadre and I'm curious if it's gotten better, or worse.