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Uniforms at RSP?

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  • Uniforms at RSP?

    I know this is a stupid question that has probably been asked a thousand times before, but I searched and couldn't find anything on it.

    So, simply put, do you get issued any type of uniform while you are at RSP? Does the amount of time you are going to spend at RSP determine whether or not you are issued one? I'm most likely going to be doing RSP drills every month from June until August, if that is relevant.

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    Depends on the state. In CT you're issued [B]all[/B] your gear within the first hr of getting any relavant instructions. Other states you might not get anything until your next drill.


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      By next drill, do you mean the second RSP drill?

      Also, are you issued PT gear at RSP or do you have to provide your own?


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        I meant second rsp drill and again that varies state to state. I got [B]everything[/B] in my first rsp drill. Others might get a pat on the back and see you next month, if that.


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          Ok for me I wore jeans, t-shirt, running shoes the first day. Second day we use the shorts + t-shirt when we did PT. Nothing issued to me the first weekend except my battle book and my water bottle.

          Second drill. I got nothing... I wore PT cloths all day. I went to Walmart and got 2 pair of black shorts (cotton) and 2 heather gray t-shirts. I fit in fine. Only difference is my stuff didn't say ARMY. Also, when the entire company got smoked for a private using a cell phone on "company time" I was told NOT to do the low-crawls. :( I only got to jog beside them.

          Third drill. (this weekend) I received my ACU's. 1 coat, 2 t-shirts, 2 pair socks, 1 trouser, 1 belt, 1 cap, and all the patches for the ACU's.

          In PA this is how it is. We are only issued PT gear when we go to BCT. There are a few green-phasers that have (and are expected to wear) the Army PT gear. The rest of us are just required to have shorts and a t-shirt (any color but white) Now when I ship to basic in July, I'll be issued a whole new set of ACU's and PT gear.


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            For us, we get the uniforms if you bug the recruiter hard enough... I have some milspec uniforms (even has the IR patch that is sewed on) that I bought before while civy so I won't be too worried, but my recruiter and I are going to get my ID and my issued stuff tomorrow or tuesday... they also give you RSP PT stuff, which is dark navy and a red shirt with a RSP logo on'em
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              In Ky (area 4) we normally come in our own PT clothes (unless you are in ROTC, or have been to Basic and have the Army PT's)

              I was issued *most* of my ACU at my first drill. I was issued the rest of it at my second drill. Don't wear the uniform until you have the complete uniform.... It sucks not wearing it just because you dont have a belt or patrol cap... But don't do it.

              Anything for PT is fine as long as your stuff isnt hanging out. Wear comfortable shoes.

              But thats Kentucky....


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                Does anyone know anything about Georgia RSP?