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Glasses in BCT

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    Re: Eye Glasses during Basic?

    Yes you should get both eyepro and BCGs. I was lucky enough to wear my civilian glasses the whole 19 weeks due to the fact that after the 4 times I went to get my BCG and eyepro prescriptions corrected they couldn't manage to get it right.


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      Re: Glasses in BCT

      Here's the deal with BCGs:

      They are FUGLY and you will **** looking at yourself in the mirror while you're wearing them. You will NOT be the only person at BCT wearing them, so don't feel like everyone is laughing at you even if at times they are. Here's the point: looks take a backseat to safety and functionality. Yes, the BCGs are not too good to look at, but they are nearly unbreakable, some now are even scratch-resistant, and they will help you see clearly so you can accomplish your mission as a recruit/soldier.

      During BRM, your Drill Sergeants will either require you to wear ballistic eyewear with RX inserts that have been issued to you or they will require you wear your BCGs. The whole idea is to have SOME eye protection. Keep in mind, if you get issued ballistic eyewear with the RX inserts (for me it was the Revision Sawfly system) the RX lenses themselves and the protective eyepiece scratch very easily, so don't wear them in place of your BCGs because they look a little "cooler", you'll need them for BRM.

      For me, my Drill Sergeants let us wear our BCGs or ballistic eyewear (eye protection eye-pro for short). Whatever we could see best in, they let us use. Both the BCGs and the eye-pro come with a retaining strap to keep the glasses secured on your face. The strap and the ACH often conflict with each other, so you'll have to work with the two a bit to get it comfortable for you, or you can be like me and be uncomfortable the entire time you're ******** but just deal with it and focus on the targets. Your call.

      Bottom line: The BCGs are excellent for their purpose: to protect your eyes. Contact lenses are cool, I myself wear them far more than glasses. But in a combat environment where your eyes are exposed to dirt, dust, grime, and in some cases biological/chemical agents, you DO NOT want your contacts and by extension your eyes soaking any of that up.