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Medical Issues and Medical school?

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    The poster has specifically mentioned that he currently suffers from "major depression". Putting someone currently suffering from major depression in a high stress, high intensity environment is an excellent way to lead to a breakdown or suicide. The increased activity and social interaction that help depression are things like softball teams and book clubs, not crawling through mud under barbed wire while someone fires blanks over your head and screams at you.

    That and putting a clinically depressed individual on a range with LIVE AMUNITION is not a good idea. There were times in BCT where they took everything that could possibly harm a person away from them because they were on suicide watch. THIS INCLUDES THEIR SHOE LACES!!! Putting an individual who is dealing with a serious mental disorder is a BAD MOVE. Add them to a combat environment and you have a big problem.

    The OP needs to take some time and handle their issues before they even need to think about joining the Army. The Army is not by any means a good place to try to get therapy. I am not in any way trying to imply that the Army is too good for them or that i am some Hooah Hooah soldier who thinks we are too good for people, but there are some instances where you HAVE TO DRAW A LINE and say No. Clinical Depression is Treatable, but the Army is not the place.


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      I agree...A person who is currently battling severe depression does not belong in the military. BCT and everyday life - nevermind being deployed gto a warzone - would not be good things for a person that is depressed!