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DLAB - anyone taken this?

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  • DLAB - anyone taken this?

    Just curious who's taken it and what your experience was like. Any advice too?

    My recruiter sent me home with a sort-of-semi-home study guide. Wow! So confusing. I need to brush up on my basic grammar and syntac(sp?).


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    It is the most off the wall test I have ever taken. Know your basic grammer and dont panic. Its a made up language and pictures that dont make sense. Pay attention, by the time you hear the first question and say to yourself "WTF", it has moved on to the next question. Have fun with it, but relax. If you didnt drink before you took it, you will want a drink afterward. :D


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      Check out: [url][/url]

      Usually, folks think they did a lot worse than in reality, myself included.

      The key is, being flexible at manipulating grammar. If you can me comfortable with putting a verb before the pronoun, and an adjective after the noun, that's basically how the test will go. Language is all about patterns.

      Good luck, don't study too hard, unless your uncomfortable with the basics of English, or maybe even a foreign language you have studied.


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        I took it a few weeks ago. I got 100, a little dissappointed with that score, but was okay for 2 hours of sleep, 7 hours standing in line at MEPS physical and the fact I didn't really want to take the test (so I didn't try as hard and thought about throwing it just to get out of the test room) since I had decided 35M wasn't for me in my sleepless night at the hotel.

        It is a hard test, but as long as you concentrate, study that guide and really want to pass, your chances are better.

        And again, if you do moderately well you should get a qualifying score for your language. There is a huge backlog for 35M training slots, so keep that in mind.


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          Re: DLAB - anyone taken this?

          I'm resurrecting this thread (Sorry everyone) because I took the DLAB about a week ago, and was willing to share with anyone if they had questions about the test or process.

          There are also two different processes for scheduling yourself for the DLAB, dependent on whether or not if you have graduated IET (BCT/AIT) or if you are already in your unit.

          If you are Pre-IET you are pretty much at the whim of your recruiter. If not, you can just about schedule yourself to go, and complete most of the paperwork.

          Anyway, questions if you have them - PM or on this topic I'll get back to them.