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  • 15 J Help

    I will be swearing in on Wed. And will be going 15J. Question here is.....does anyone know where all the schools are for this MOS and about how long they will be? I was told that over all training for this mos is a year long. I have looked all over this forum trying to find any insight on this to no luck. So I am here now asking for some light on the manner. Anything would be great as I am prier navy 7 1/2 years and know nothing about the army :confused: Thank you :o

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    From the NG website:


    Hundreds of Army missions depend on aircraft for transport, patrol and flight training. Instruments, lights, weapons, ignition systems, landing gear and many other aircraft parts are powered by electricity; it's up to the members of the aircraft electrician team to ensure that the electrical systems on airplanes and helicopters are properly maintained and repaired. The Aircraft Armament/Missile Systems Repairer is primarily responsible for performing maintenance on the electrical, electronic, mechanical and pneudraulics systems associated with aircraft armament, missile and fire control systems. Some of your duties as an Aircraft Armament/Missile Systems Repairer may include:

    Maintaining aircraft armament/missile systems according to technical manuals and safety procedures
    Performing maintenance on aircraft weapon components, fire control units and sighting elements
    Performing operational checks, ammunition loading/unloading and weapon subsystems configuration changes for fire control systems
    Testing/troubleshooting and repairing test sets and diagnostic equipment
    Replacing faulty wiring
    Soldering electrical connections
    Repairing or replacing instruments, such as tachometers, temperature gauges and altimeters
    Reading electrical wiring diagrams
    Job training for an Aircraft Armament/Missile Systems Repairer consists of nine weeks of Basic Training, where you'll learn basic Soldiering skills, and 20 weeks of Advanced Individual Training, including practice in repairing electrical systems. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part in the field. Some of the skills you learn are:

    Electrical theory
    Troubleshooting procedures
    Soldering techniques
    Electrical system maintenance
    Helpful attributes include:

    An interest in mathematics and shop mechanics
    An interest in solving problems
    An interest in electricity and how electrical equipment works
    An ability to work with tools
    Advanced level Aircraft Armament/Missile Systems Repairers supervise and train other Soldiers within the same discipline. As an advanced level Aircraft Armament/Missile Systems Repairer, you may also be involved in:

    Participating in maintenance test flights as required
    Civilian Related
    The skills you learn as an Aircraft Armament/Missile Systems Repairer will help prepare you for a future with commercial airlines, aircraft maintenance firms, aircraft manufacturers or other organizations that might have fleets of airplanes or helicopters.


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      Check out ATTRS, click on top right "Search Catalog"


      It seems there are different types of 15J schools, at Huachuca, FT Rucker, and EUSTIS?


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        Thank you

        Thank you for all the knowedge. Was also wondering if anyone has worked with or have been apart of this MOS.
        You all have great info on this forum and I just would like to say thank you.:D
        That web site ATTRS has great info on what I was looking for. Thanks richierich.

        Well, I need to go as I am going to MEPs to swear in.

        Thank you..........and Hooooooooooah


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          Good Luck Killer!


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            Re: 15 J Help

            Does anyone happen to know anybody that has had this MOS? I'm thinking about doing it. It's this one (15j-Aircraft Armament/Electronic/Avionic Systems Repairer) or 45k - Armament repairer.


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              Re: 15 J Help




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                Re: 15 J Help



                Oh ho ho stealin my joke I see qcomer :p


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                  Re: 15 J Help

                  Your joke? First time I used that was like a year ago.....:confused:. lol. Didnt know anyone else has used it.


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                    Re: 15 J Help

                    oh haha sorry.. I remember some easily Googlable question we both answered recently before about Air Assault knots and I posted the good ol LMGTFY

                    Thought you swiped it ;)


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                      Re: 15 J Help

                      I have two soldiers at the 15J course right now. It is held at FT. Eustis. The BNCOC and ANCOC are held at FT. Rucker and if you are going 15J for a UAV the ASI is located at FT. Huachuca.

                      My guys reported May 22nd and have a grad Date of Nov 21, I believe is what their orders say. Now they both have been through 52D school and one has been through his U2 ASI for our Shadow systems. Both however say the course is interesting and not that bad, but again they are still brand new into it.

                      Good luck in whatever you do!


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                        Re: 15 J Help

                        I love that link! I'm going to have to use that. I have done all the googling that can be done about it, I was just looking for some first hand input on what the job is like.

                        SGTHess, thanks! If you happen to talk to them some more, let me know what they say about it, if you don't mind. It seems pretty interesting from what i've read about it.