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volunteering for tours??

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  • volunteering for tours??

    How long do you have to wait if at all when you get back from ait to volunteer for a tour? I'm 11b and I want to go bad. I wanna just wait my guard contract out and reenlist ad at the end but if you could answer that question I would be thankfull.

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    As long as a unit that is deploying has a 11b slot you can go. All you will need to do is log onto GKO and there is a spot to find such information. It shouldnt be a probllem they always need good soldiers.


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      forgot sumthin

      Thanks man!I want to go bad. Thanks for the info and I hope there are slots for me. I will go as many times as they will let me


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        why Didnt you go active?


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          Guard deploys just as often as AD.

          You can always let your COC know you are interested in deploying and if there are units in your state going they almost always need fillers. Specific MOS in the Guard isnt always an issue. We are going over for lots of different missions these days and sometimes MOS doesnt matter. The slots are more rank specific than anything. You can start inquiring even while at AIT with emails and phone calls back to your unit.


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            I may sound like an idiot for asking, so bear with me, but what are the main differences between the Active, Reserve, and Guard components of the Army?


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              How does one get into GKO, I am in AKO. Thanks.


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                [QUOTE=sp.copper]How does one get into GKO, I am in AKO. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

                go to this website and just follow instructions on making an account



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                  I'd have to log into AKO to see exactly where it is as I dont remember, and internet here stinks. Can take up to a half hour to open up a page at times. I believe its on the lower right hand side of first page that opens after you log into AKO, to click on to GKO. At the log in screen of AKO there should also be an option to create GKO login. If no one else pipes in i'll take a look at it later tonight if I get the time and be more specific. But within the login screen or the one that comes up after logging into AKO, there is a link to click for GKO, just look around.

                  The National Guard has a duel mission. We answer to the Governor when not activated for deployment. Things such as national disasters the Governor can call you up to help out. Then the President is our boss during activation for deployment.

                  You work one weekend a month, two weeks (usually in the summer. If you are activated then it becomes your full time job for awhile. Unless deployed, it is normally just a part time gig. There are full time Guard jobs but you have to apply for them and compared to the part time slots, there arent many of them available. Not impossible to accuire one though.

                  Funding for the Guard comes both from the state and federal governement. There are more Guard units then Reserve. I'd argue college benefits are more readily available for the Guard, others would disagree but I have seen some pretty strong numbers.

                  The Active Army answers to the President. He (or she maybe one day) are their big boss. Active does the military thing 5-7 days a week. It is your fulltime job.

                  Active receives their funding from the federal government.

                  The only military componant that is required to be out there is the Guard. Not that any of the others will be going away, but on books, it is the only one that HAS to be there.


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                    Please refer to my [URL=""]brilliant and informative post[/URL] on this topic.


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                      [QUOTE=CombatRdy]go to this website and just follow instructions on making an account


                      i posted a link to the GKO website ^


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                        Re: volunteering for tours??

                        where are the deployment opportunites listed in GKO?? cant find??