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Is There Hope For My Waiver?

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    Someone will have the information. You just need to find out who. Sometimes, as you appear to have discovered, they send the documents off-site. Good luck.

    P.S. - It would be easier to read your posts if you utilized some paragraphation.


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      I have a feeling that people who need moral waivers have to hurry. Each day that goes by, our chances are shrinking. I am very glad the National Guard is doing so great with thier recruiting! Honestly I am. People like us who need moral waivers, will be first on the chopping block to be turned away. (this is all just my opinion, based on recruiting goals...Obama ending the efforts "over there" eventually...and probably will still not be a big deal if your moral waiver is a very small one)


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        [QUOTE=QuantumRN]Yep, you're right. Surgical removal falls into neither category. The issue may be lack of documentation.

        I have never heard of a hospital destroying records after 10 years. Something sounds fishy with that.[/QUOTE]
        In my case, the hospitals in NY destroy records after 7 years.


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          Just as a side note, WA state law only requires medical records to be preserved by hospitals for 10 years.


          Personally, I think after 10 years all that crap should be stored by the state in some big vault somewhere until a death certificate is issued (but then you get into the whole argument about how does one state where you're born or lived know you died in another state that issued a death certificate, or a state having to preserve records forever cause you only lived there for a year and they have no idea what happened to you blah blah blah)

          Easy solution - inject us all with a microchip at birth and store copies of all our medical records on that chip throughout our lives. Need info? Done, scan the chip. Oh wait, people are freaked out about "big brother" or some stranger scanning you or something.

          No good solutions. :D


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            Just to rehash this, basically spent the last week waiting for replies from archived records whether they had mine or not, as the post above mine identifies, after 10 years in the state of washington, they do in fact after 10 years destroy your records unless you are a minor, they wait until after your 18, or 10 years whichever comes last. Now my waiver's fate is in whoever stamps the form that day.

            Asked my recruiter about some other options and he said without the records everything else is just adding to what he already has. Even offered to go to a urologist to get examined by one on my own nickel and have them right an examination report, but apparently wouldnt be worth it. Called a urologist and they say any Doctor would be able to tell (just like the letter I got from my own doctory stating what happened)? WTF MEPS doc, guess if those guys werent all 90 years old woulda been able to tell on his own.

            I guess I just have to wait and see if uncle sam wants me as much as I want him. Waiting sucks and thats pretty much what Ill be doing for the next month or longer(got 2 waivers going in). Sucks cause I wanted my ship date soon before they all get gobbled up by high school kids and people getting out of college for the summer (same as me) Wanted to ship week after finals (May 18th) and be home by Thanksgiving (AIT for 68W is 16 weeks). Wish me luck, hopefully I wont need it. On a side note my recruiter is awesome, I know a lot of these guys probably would rather have all the easy recruits and aside from me being smart, in goods shape and not having to worry about me backing out, from a paperwork standpoint I am a nightmare!


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              Dude youll be ok. My recruiter is one of the top recruiters in central texas and he told me that everyones fear of waviers not being approved is to over the top.He said most of the waviers not for criminal or mental are being approved. I hope you get in sounds like you want this really bad.


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                Even though I, too, was improperly DQ'ed at MEPS for a condition that I didn't have, I understand that these doctors look at hundreds of people per day and can't always be 100% certain with everything. Given that we live in such a litigious society, I don't blame them for leaning towards a DQ than not.


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                  I understand these Dr's are just trying to protect the military from wasting time and money on training recruits who may not cut it now or down the road medically. But when your on the flip side of that where you are both mentally and physically fit and they DQ on the side of caution its kind of frustrating. Considering I was standing in my boxers for 35 mins in his office it really only took him an extra 1 min to dig a little deeper so to speak to see a scar that didnt get there on its own. Anyway, hopefully all goes well and Im just worrying for nothing.

                  I do want this, want it bad, I have wanted to do this since I was 17 but I got cold feet and pussed out back then because I thought living out my late teens and early 20's with my friends was more important than doing what was best for me. My whole family is prior service, grandfather served in WWII, Uncles aunts, a brother and cousins served in Operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. Got friends who have gone to both Irag and Afghanistan recently and in a way thats wierd to a lot of my other friends, I envied the **** out of them. Serving your country and wearing that uniform is an honor, not a priveledge, and I want it!


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                    This post is really aged now but I discovered it searching for answers similar to your issue. I had normal testicles until I woke up one day in extreme pain with a swollen testicle at age around 15-17. I was taken to hospital but they didn't know what to do so sent me to an urologist. He checked me out and said it was a bacterial infection and that it's very rare for older males, usually happens as a child. He prescribed me antibiotics and told me to take them and sit in hot bath water for several hours a day. The swelling went away but so did my other testicle! First it became hard as a rock within a month. Over years though, it is gone completely.
                    I answered yes on the application to enlist and now it looks like I will be DQ as well although my situation is bit different from congenital or undescended.
                    I'm curious to know if you were able to enter into service?
                    Thank you.

                    EDIT: I see that at WebMD the infection is called Orchitis and "[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]For some of the men who have orchitis, the affected testicle will shrink and lose its function."[/FONT][/COLOR]

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                      DO NOT use the self-diagnose with the internet.