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sorry. but another quesiton about what to wear!

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  • sorry. but another quesiton about what to wear!

    stil 4th time going, but my uncle said when he was in national guard he was aloud to wear underarmor balaclava's, and everyone i ask said your aloud to where under armor stuff if it is your acu' colors, is this true?

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    You can wear underarmour in tan colour or if you hav ea long sleeve shirt, it can be black or tan WITH your short sleeve tan shirt over it. Please dont make a fool of yourself and wear a balaclava, you will never forget that day if you did.


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      My advice?

      Don't ever listen to someone about policys that still is not in.

      Best person to ask is your FLL (First Line Leader) and ask for his/her guidance in the situation.

      Underarmor is authorized under your Tan shirt and must not be seen.

      There are authorized long sleaved Tan shirts sold at Military and clothing sales.

      The green fleese IMO is your best bet if you are cold.


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        yeah, and definitely don't ask for a pair of gloves or a wool cap while you're outside. we had some kid ask for those and the instructor had us do about an hour of hi-rep p.t. to keep us warm.
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          The gloves should be ok, as long as they were issued to you.


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            We issue all our RSP soldiers skullies.