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what is 88M?

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  • what is 88M?

    I was reading another thread about failed 68W becoming 88M. What is it?


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    68W= Combat Medic
    88M= Transportation/Truck Driver


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        Plan B

        Like they say...."There's always truck-driving school".


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          [QUOTE=California Captain]Like they say...."There's always truck-driving school".[/QUOTE]

          I thought the words of wisdom are "There's always Ft. Benning...."?



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            The first thing that hit on a google search.



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              Driving thousands of miles on the most dangerous roads in Iraq hauling most precious goods that everyone wants is something that not any person can do. Plus, backing up a 40 foot trailer in a 915 is DEFINITELY not something most 88Ms can do =P

              But, I'd rather be a 88M than a 68W.


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                No, I'm not mad. Thanks for playing, though.

                I think every job is important. 88M, 68W, 11B, 42A, etc. I just dont like it when someone says, "You cant cut it as a ____, you should become a ____" Because in reality, they dont know!

                Speculation is all it is. I know it wont stop but as long as people downplay an MOS (which your DS kinda did) then I will explain why they shouldnt say that kind of stuff, know what I mean?

                That's my deal and Im sticking to it! Know whatti mean, tho??


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                  Can't we find a way to express ourselves without *****.

                  Please keep the language, and the Filtered language at home, with your parents, or your kids, or wife. No need to have it on here.


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                    Out of over 100 MOS choices I picked 88M :D


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                      if it was not for 88m than 68w could not get there stuff it has got to come by truck 88m


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                        I was told never to mess with the cooks, supply, pay, medical, and IT people.

                        88M and 68W fall within those categories so I say nothing. :D


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                          [QUOTE=fire4105]if it was not for 88m than 68w could not get there stuff it has got to come by truck 88m[/QUOTE]

                          And both of you would go hungry if not for the cooks. Both would not get paid if not for the payroll people. Both would not have the supplies they need if not for the quartermasters/supply guys/gals. The truck drivers would be missing fuel for the trucks, and the combat medics would have a hard time doing a helicoptor med-evac in a combat area if not for the pilots.

                          And everyone would be running around aimlessly if not for the NCOs and commissioned officers.

                          Everyone has their role. Move along....


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                            88m, its a job I dont want to do, i hate sitting in those trucks. I admire anyone who does it. IEDs are found by the drivers, there is alot of risk that people dont think about. Its one of the unsung hero jobs.


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                              You call, we haul

                              Many of our Engineers also have the 88M qual, in order to haul our heavy equipment, our boats, our bridges...

                              We have to get there somehow...

                              And its not all long-haul trucking, thankfully..