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  • Duck Walk

    Is this the real duck walk for MEPS??


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    that's how it looks, but your butt will be closer to the ground.


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      Thanks Buckeye!!

      My recruiter called this morning and told me to plan on MEPS next MON & Tues...and she said to practice the duck walk because that would be the hardest thing I would have to do....well how can I practice if I don't even know what it looks like...that video was all I could find..

      Somebody said it was like...lOl... like a girl squatting to pee in the woods and you think that is about accurate???
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        Yup. We had to do it in our skivvies too.

        Sometimes I wonder if half of it is just for the amusement of the personnel there. =)


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          What for?

          What is the duck walk used for? Diagnosing back problems? Muscle problems? What the heck???

          I go to MEPS on 11/1 and 2....gotta practice this one!


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            it is to see if there are any bone issues with your legs and back and to make sure you can move in uncomfortable positions without any visible pain.


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              My recruiter said this morning that it also has something to do with equalibrium???? But, I think that would be more of the reason is leg and back issues like Buckeye said.

              And Steve after going over to my lil brothers this evening and having him show me I would have to agree with that too - they are saying watch us get these idiots in the under britches and walk around like goof

              Thanks ya'll.


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                [QUOTE=Hunter04]My recruiter said this morning that it also has something to do with equalibrium???? But, I think that would be more of the reason is leg and back issues like Buckeye said.

                hooah, equalibrium makes sense... balance is important - so hopefully no one will have swimmers ear or an ear infection or a hole in your ear drum. lol


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                  Practicing the duck walk isn't really necessary, unless you don't have the balance naturally to accomplish it, in which case you shouldn't be allowed to join regardless.

                  It hurts the ball of your feet for a little bit, but they had us down in that position for so long that the slight sensation disappoears after awhile.

                  Gotta love the Columbus MEPS station and their tortuous civilian employees ;)


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                    My recruiter is prior AD, and she said back when she was younger and went through MEPS it was no problem. Since she was a little older when she came back in she said that was the hardest thing she had to do. She said that the older you are the harder that part gets on you.... and since I am not a spring chicken like most of you probably are she was giving me a heads up.

                    And do they have everyone do these things at the same time since they take you in at once, or do they make you do it one at a time with everyone staring at you?


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                      You do it with a bunch of other people in your underwear and bra only. And its made to test Ankle, Knee, Hip Mobility. The only thing is if one is rigged and not mobile the other two are going to make up for it probobaly make you fail the duck walk


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                        Ahh, the old underwear olympics!! Those were just good times that never set well in the brain. Seems like a odd hazing moment but its far from the oddest thing I have seen in the Army. You will look back and laugh.


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                          well it is good to know that you aren't doing that by, I bet it is a hoot for them to get everyone in thier under britches waddling around like that...

                          And, OMG, if waddling around in your under britches isn't the odest thing you have do not know if I would have wanted to see what you have saw...:eek:
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                            Yeah...try standing in the shower line with 50 other men with nothing but a small towel and a poof. Or naked pushups.


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                              :D Hope your poofs weren't

                              OMG.....naked pu?????????:eek: