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Old man fitness: running

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    Re: Old man fitness: running

    done with boot for the week. Four days of pushing myself pretty close to the absolute limit. Gotta get this phlegm out of my sytem. If I could do that, I'm pretty sure I could max out my effort.

    Those wall jumps are for the birds. After a couple of attempts at that, I just closed my eyes, lowered my arms and jumped. Was almost easy. Those wide resistance bands are fun to work with. Awful squats.

    Whew! Want to run Saturday for a long run. if church guy cancels, and he might because of warrior run. I think I will pick some place across town and just run to that place and back.

    I am really stoked. I've done all this without taking allergy pills. if I take some allergy pills, I think I can run about 9 miles without stopping.


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      Re: Old man fitness: running

      skipped Monday, Tuesday, after running 4 miles on Saturday morning. Whew! that run knocked me out. Have you guys ever had the feeling you just want to go back to sleep after a long run? That was me Saturday. The four miles wasn't even consecutive, it was 2 miles running, 2 walking, 2 more running.

      Came back this morning, didn't seem to miss a beat, except people were all complaining about legs being sore from Tuesdays workout.

      After the warmup run, we did some funny leg exercises, squat type sideways "imaginary hurdles" type stuff.

      then we ran a mile, then came back inside and did some work with the rope ladders, followed by those little hurdles jumping up and down.

      fun stuff.

      Even though I missed a couple of days, I think I had a pretty decent effort.


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        Re: Old man fitness: running

        You seem to be working hard on this PT stuff. Very awesome. Keep at it and you'll be out PTing soldiers already in the Guard (you probably already are)


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          Re: Old man fitness: running

          wow! found the mother of all burns for upper legs. get resistance bands, interlock with a partner, pull to pretty good resistance, arms outstretched, get in a squat, pull hands, alternate hands, the burn gradually moves up your legs, after 30 seconds I'm sweating, after 45 seconds my legs are shaking.

          made it to 60 seconds, which was goal. do some other exercise, come back, do it again. this time serious burn at 30 seconds, legs shaking for 30 seconds. made it to 60. It's all in the brain. I looked around, people are NOT in pain, just sitting there. I'm thinking if they can just sit there and do this with no pain, I can do it.


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            Re: Old man fitness: running

            whistle drills, I actually like those. jog for 15 seconds, then run for 15, then walk for 15. Then indian runs for only a half mile. Would have been better than the pushups we did later.

            Try this for pain on pushups. Get a medicine ball, push down on ball with one hand, do the pushup with the other hand. 10 reps each hand.

            then for your core, push down on ball with both hands, keeping your self straight in a plank position.


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              Re: Old man fitness: running

              And we did our 1 mile test today, for me a PR(with this out of shape body) of 8:44. I missed a day or two last week(it's a blur, I don't remember). Even for a light sleeper like me, it's hard to get up at 4:30 sometimes.

              So I didn't feel that great, but what helped was chasing a lady. I have gotten to the point where the running is more mental than physical. I hadn't seen much of her before, she is probably 10 years younger than I am and maybe 15 pounds overweight at the most. (compared to my 60 pounds overweight).

              I come up behind her and she starts to pull away a little. then on the last lap I easily passed her.

              I've decided I really do have the heart of a runner, I just need to lose some weight and I could really execute the running. If I lost even 30 pounds, I think I could get close to my two-mile time from 18 years ago (13:38)

              PU-dang, I hate those, we did some more of those today.


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                Re: Old man fitness: running

                PU and SU today. PU, 23, I'm not gonna count one of those, not sure I went down all the way on a couple. gonna give myself 22.

                SU, partner counted, 30!!! Wow! for somebody with a weak core, that's pretty good for 1 minute.

                So, I looked at my goals for the summer, seems possible, 36 SU, 30 PU.

                Probably gonna have to go with Lifetime for a boot camp in the summer.

                need to start eating right, got

                so, projections for 2 minutes, give myself 3 more PU = 25
                give 6 mopre SU 36

                two miles 17:45

                Similar to last time, I project passing two of the three events. a total of 186 points. Getting real close. Closer than I thought at this point. I punched in age 47, which is a year and a half away, and at age 47 with these projections, I pass.


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                  Re: Old man fitness: running

                  been a big slacker since May. Lifetime is not near as good as that independent boot camp. got a new goal, our fitness guru from church has offered to train people to run a half-marathon, I decided to go for it. In my twenties I did run a 10k once, so this is gonna take some dedication. I ran that 10k with very little prep. I've run with the fitness guy before, he's gonna have me on a running schedule, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat. will start Monday, July 19.

                  My half-marathon will be in Tyler TX, October 10. I checked out their website, and they do allow four hours to complete the event, so if I wimp out, I can always walk whatever I can't run. Obviously I'm in it to run the entire race, but just in case.

                  One thing I really like about their website was their thought-provoking statement "where will you be on 10-10-10? I told my wife they should have had a 10k run also, but they don't. They have a 5k, the half and a whole marathon.

                  I really like that. I will be completing a half-marathon. (hopefully running)

                  should be great weather for the event. It's gonna be kind of like football in Texas. We train in the hottest month of the year, and the reward is we get to perform in a cooler environment.


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                    Re: Old man fitness: running

                    Best of luck for the half-marathon and the rest of your training! I've gradually been working on my running, and now have a few friends from work who I can workout with too. We did a 1 mile run around a nearby lake, which I managed to complete in 7:45 (down from 8:50 at the start of the year!). My aim is to run in the "Bolder Boulder" 10K race next year, as long as I'm not away for Basic/AIT - if I can't make that, then there's other options around that time of year in the area such as the Cherry Creek Sneak (an event where you do either a 5 mile or 3.1 mile run).

                    Unfortunately I managed to throw my back out on Wednesday during Taser training - so I've been on heatpads and painkillers since then...its gradually recovering and I've been doing plenty of walking in the meantime so I'm not completely ditching the workouts.


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                      Re: Old man fitness: running

                      okay, today was day one of training. I was wrong earlier, I'm actually running Monday Wed, Thurs and Saturday.

                      Today was supposed to be a 2 mile effort.

                      Part of the reason I decided to go for this ridiculous effort was that I had discovered a website that would allegedly figure the miles for a certain run.(like Mapquest for runners I thought). I didn't take care of it last night, no big deal I thought. I had a training to attend earlier today, I'll punch in the numbers this afternoon and run late this evening. Murphy's law intervened. I had to take our younger son to Boy scouts, no problem, I told my wife, "sure, if you'll figure out a run for me to take". She is by far more computer savvy than I, and when I tried in the afternoon, I had trouble getting a route.

                      She and I talked again during the boy scout meeting over the phone, she would get me a route. On the way home, I get a call from her telling me to go back to the meeting site and pick up a neighbor, which I did. (I know the score, even if you're not at fault, you'll look like you were the bad guy, even if said kid didn't ask for ride home).

                      So, I double back and pick up kid, drop him off, get home and she's still struggling with it. I say no problem and just take off and run, probably coming close.

                      I'm just now home at 9:40 p.m. Central time!! I ran most of the run in the dark, and I do know the intersection where I turned around. I do have another website to try, (*&(*^*&^*&.

                      At least it's over.


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                        Re: Old man fitness: running

                        and I found a different website which is much easier to use. I was easily able to plot the route I just ran


                        And my guess is pretty good!! It listed my route at 1.98 miles. :D


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                          Re: Old man fitness: running

                          Day 2 of prep. This was supposed to be a 3 mile run. I had a ton of stuff going on today, but the good news is I finally picked up my car from a body shop.

                          So, despite having to wait until it was dark again, I ran, unfortunately I ran a little extra, wasn't familiar enough with the route. It looks like I added a good 1/3 mile to my run. I felt very weak after this run, just kind of sprawled out on the sofa after the run. drank some water, and felt okay, drank some more water and felt better.

                          One phrase comes to mind, I got it from my son's boy scout leader. Be sure to be "fully hydrated". Now add a strong English accent to that phrase, and it will stick with you. I don't know how long he's been in this country, but his accent sticks with you. I learned my lesson tonight. I plan to be fully hydrated for any more runs.

                          Now comes the fun part. I'm scheduled to run a two mile run tomorrow. Will definitely start the run before it gets dark.


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                            Re: Old man fitness: running

                            good little two mile run with the diggity dog in tow. He's a much better sprinter than distance runner, but he enjoyed anyway. started the run about 8:40ish, sun almost down. good time for a run.

                            speaking of sprinting, now that would be the way to do your 60, 30s. Take your dog with you, give him the command to go, if he's anything like my terrier, he'll sprint real easily, and probably want to pull during the 30 seconds of walking.

                            day off tomorrow, then a four-mile jog on Saturday.


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                              Re: Old man fitness: running

                              Buddy and I ran the four miles Saturday no problem! This four miler was easier than the three mile run, no doubt.

                              The the new schedule started Monday, actually the same distances. Monday's two miles was quicker than the previous week. Man, when the dog wants to run fast, try to keep up with him!

                              tomorrow morning is a three mile run. Should be fairly relaxed.


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                                Re: Old man fitness: running

                                oh boy!! that three miler is something else. just finished, it is a muggy morning here in DFW. allergies were acting up even though I had taken a pill. Ever had one of those runs where you have trouble getting a good breath? I was a snorting, spitting, face-covered with snot machine this morning. Never stopped, except to tie a shoe, but the thought definitely occured to me.