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Old man fitness: running

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    Re: Old man fitness: running

    [B][U] I think some of it has to do with genetics, stride, etc....[/U][/B]

    I am almost 41 and run for practice (now once a week) at 8 minute mile pace, and that's not pushing myself. I haven't done a full out timed 2-mile yet. Keep in mind, I rarely run except for lately. Last 10 yrs.....a couple times. More than 10 yrs ago (Navy), I was running 13 minutes for 2 miles.

    I used to beat my wife at the Turkey trot AS a smoker...and she runs everyday.

    I'm 6', 180 lbs.

    I know your struggles....because what might come easy for running.....I STRUGGLE at doing a ton of situps....they are my weakness.

    You'll get there. I always found someone around my pace and ran with them. Someone next to you to push you is a great motivator.
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      Re: Old man fitness: running

      I wish I was 180. I really have a pretty good set of lungs, I'm just incredibly overweight, 5' 11", 248 ish.

      These bootcamp workouts are incredible, kind of like basic without the yelling. trying to remember if we actually did PT for an hour straight in basic, I think we did, but probably not a whole lot more.

      I'm really interested to see what this week's workouts will do to my stamina for the Saturday church run. Our leader just ran the rock 'n roll half marathon a couple of weeks ago, so he will probably not be trainiing intensively. He might be agreeable to just setting a good pace for me.

      If so, I think I'll ask him to set about a 10:30 pace for three to four miles and see what I can do.


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        Re: Old man fitness: running

        btw, for any of you young guys, I think in hindsight I know what one incredibly important thing is to avoid re: weight control. That is how fast you eat.

        I learned how to eat fast in basic, no problem, work it off, right afterward. I went from a 147 pound weakling to a lean mean 155 pounder. Fast forward about 9 years, I'm getting out of the guard and I'm about 180 ish, went to work for a food service company, a cafeteria, as assistant manager, was allowed one 20-30 minute break for the entire day, a 14-15 hour day; you can imagine how fast the weight went up. shove two meals in in 20 miinutes, yep I can do that. That company was so stupid about stuff, obviously we should have had a wellness program, and decent breaks, but hey we were macho management. We didn't get sick, we didn't sit down, etc. wouldn't surprise me if they still do the same thing today.

        so as my metabolism slowed down, I kept eating fast, it was my life. I still eat fast when I'm not careful.

        rant over, get back to work!


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          Re: Old man fitness: running

          keeping at it with the boot camp. I did miss two days. this is week three, I'm pretty confident my one mile time will improve, I've got my legs under me pretty good now. Took the dog out for a walk/run this evening, my legs wanted to do something. My schedule is good enough, I'm thinking seriously about doing the camp twice a day, just trying it for the first time on Thursday.

          I've given up on the idea of running before the boot camp, that's just too much, at least for now. And boy, this girl is serious. She's got a little bit of Jillian in her. She goes over her hour almost everyday. I walk out to the car and it's past 6:30 most days.

          Anyway, twice a day would be 5:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

          now wouldn't that be great to maybe do twice a day two times a week; once a day the other two days, and then a nice slow long run on Saturday.

          If I did this routine this summer, I could easily see losing 20-30 pounds, being able to pass the PT test.

          If I didn't have sleep apnea, a long-term goal could be to actually rejoin. Of course, you never know that could magically disappear with a weight-loss of 30+ pounds. I'd have to have a pretty nice tape guy.:D


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            Re: Old man fitness: running

            love the burn. What's really fun is not knowing how far you're supposed to run. We had a one mile run followed by 45 minutes of huffing and puffing for me. I find myself laying out on usually one of the exercises, can't remember what it was today. One exercise that was really fun was running backwards.

            looking forward to the day when I can do the complete one hour boot camp without missing a beat.


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              Re: Old man fitness: running

              overslept, missed workout yesterday, go in today, do warmups, leader tells me we're doing a run, asks if I'm up for it, I ask how far, 2 miles, "oh yeah". did fine, except I wasn't sure where we were going. Then more cardio, running back and forth in the parking lot, then some ridiculously difficult core stuff.

              One lady complimented me on run, thought she wouldn't be the slowest in running anymore after I started. (I look like I'm in horrible shape). Edit: she is not nearly as overweight as I am; maybe something like 20 pounds. I told her it's mind over matter. she said something about the military, I said 'yeah the military was about 50 pounds ago'. Thought about it, reality is military was actually about 70 pounds ago.

              Funny the running is so much easier than some of those core exercises, and of course those planks, etc.

              I'm pretty sure we're doing a 1-1-1 Thursday. My original goal was one mile
              in 9:30: down from 11:01, not sure I can do that well, but we'll see. Situps are actually going to be good enough to pass the APFT, even if not quite doubled Pushups-now there's a big weakness. I still might double what I did four weeks ago.


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                Re: Old man fitness: running

                did the 1-1 today, pushups, situps, pretty good numbers for an older out of shape guy. improved over 100% on pushups, did 27 situps. Had I kept going, would have passed the Situps for 2 minutes. still need the last 10+ of pushups, I could get that if I did the bootcamp 8 more weeks, no doubt.

                One mile tomorrow. ran 11:01 almost four weeks ago in diagnostic, will hopefully run sub 10:00 tomorrow. I like the way that sounds, improving 10% in four weeks.

                If I were to keep this up, and do the boot camp four days a week, and then do the running with her on Saturdays(long run), I could actually see myself passing a 2-2-2 in about 8 more weeks.

                Only problem then would be weight. don't have a scale at home right now and glad. I bet after the next 8 weeks, I would naturally lose 8 pounds, then I only need to lose another 35-40 depending upon tape.

                It all sounds kind of crazy, but I can almost envision doing this. I need to think about buying some of those shoes that make you flex your muscles, causing you to lose weight.


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                  Re: Old man fitness: running

                  whooo hoo! am on cloud nine. AS IN I did the one mile run in 9:05 !!!!

                  okay, if this isn't a testament to a boot camp, i don't know what is.

                  btw, and I will make a separate post about this. Special offer, I get a free week of boot camp with her next week if I bring a friend. So, all of you guys and girls who live in the DFW metroplex, here's my offer for you:

                  I will split my free week with you. Iow, I will pay half of your week. PM me for details, but put it this way, the workout is demanding no matter what your fitness level, it's guys and girls, some of these people are in very good shape, there's a few like me with the Dunlop.

                  It is mixed, men and women, everybody is VERY supportive.

                  The time is perfect, 5:30 a.m., get your butt out of bed time. It does last an entire hour, it's centrally located, less than 2 minutes from a very large tollway, the church where we train is actually in the Carrollton city limits. very easy to get to any town or Dallas proper.

                  Also, we are meeting four days next week.(Monday through Thursday) So, you'll be tired and sore on Tuesday, but by the time Thursday 6:30 a.m. rolls around, ... you'll still be tired and sore:D

                  One other thing, the owner is a Cooper certified trainer, and she has her assistant who works out with us who is also Cooper certified.


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                    Re: Old man fitness: running

                    final calculations: after a four week boot camp in which I missed 3 of the 16 days, I projected based on my 1-1-1.

                    I was telling that one guy, I'll be kicking myself for missing those 3 days, I missed basically 20% of the course. not enough to pass the pushups, but still, wow!

                    pushups projection 21 -my weakest area- fail. but much improvement, I did 17 in one minute, giving myself only four more in the 2nd minute

                    situps- 27 in one minute, give myself 6 more in second minute - PASS!

                    Run - one mile in 9:05 - here is my formula, feel free to disagree, I double the time, then add 30 seconds.

                    So, I get 18:40 - PASS!!!

                    The next phase is to do a one week boot camp with the lady, then decide if I want to do the Saturdays with her as well. She was a very good encourager during the one mile this morning. came to run with me for a minute, asked how I was feeling, I told her I wanted to break 10:00, she checked my pace, said I was fine, just don't stop running.

                    Some of those other people were really doing well. I had three people I think, lap me, all on the last lap, they all ran in the mid-to high 6:00s, or low 7:00s.

                    caveat: we didn't do the events all on the same day, but it's pretty obvious to me that after four or five more weeks, I could pass the entire 2-2-2.


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                      Re: Old man fitness: running

                      still can't believe after only 4 weeks I can pass two thirds of a PT test at my weight. I haven't been on a scale, but if I've lost any weight, it's been 4 pounds at the most.

                      I plan to continue the boot camp, and my next goal in terms of the run is to find someone who runs a 8:00ish mile and try to keep up.

                      Another goal is to not get lapped. I was complaining after the race that those guys and girl who lapped me weren't even breathing hard.


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                        Re: Old man fitness: running

                        back to the grind this morning. we almost always do the same warmup two or three laps around the parking lot, easy, then we went on a 2 mile run. I have allergies, the last five minutes my nose closed, couldn't breathe in through the nose. don't want to take allergy pills, guess I'll have to. I really wanted to keep up with the big pack at the front, just wasn't gonna happen.

                        Then 35-40 minutes of exercises, seemed like mostly cardio. I'm hanging in there, but I'm still not doing 100% of the exercises. reasonably close.

                        So, I've got a few new goals, kind of long-term goals, as in 8 weeks or so down the road, I guess.

                        1. nobody laps me on the 1 mile.
                        2. stay within shouting distance of lead group in runs.
                        3. 100% participation of exercises.

                        I'm having trouble getting the guy at church to show up recently. I'm thinking he's ready to drop the whole deal, hope not. He's an amateur, but very good. Ever since he ran the Rock 'n Roll half it's been one excuse after another.

                        Saturday it was the rain, and we did have some rain, but it stopped at 7:00 a.m., right when we were supposed to run.

                        Pretty sure I can settle on my plan, four days of boot, Saturday running, either at church or with the trainer. Right now I need to find a 10k, and set that as a goal probably a 10k in June. I really think if I can get in a groove and be able to run a 5-6 mile on Saturdays in about an hour, I can be in the kind of shape I want.

                        right now I do a lot of wheezing, especially early on in the runs, I sound like I'm about to die, I guess:)


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                          Re: Old man fitness: running

                          I am hitting something of a little wall, not huge. Jmo, but I think my sleep apnea or allergies is starting to effect my workouts. this morning, we ran two miles, in parts, stop, do some killer exercises, jog again, stop, do some exercises, etc.

                          I faded pretty fast on the run. Gonna try to do a nice long run with the church guy Saturday morning, gonna take it slow. Been a while since I ran more than 2 miles, gonna try to run 3-4, maybe 5.

                          Boot camp starts again in earnest on Monday.


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                            Re: Old man fitness: running

                            speaking of fading fast, church guy cancels again. It was raining at 6:00, we're scheduled for 7:00. sends email at 6:00 not running. I need to start running by myself, I just don't like it. It is so much easier trying to keep up with someone.

                            started new four week cycle. pU and SU slightly less, because of the allergies, I'm thinking. PU 16, SU 23. gives room for improvement.

                            killer workout, I'm huffing and puffing so much that now I kind of wonder what my heart rate is. Suggestions for a cheap heart rate monitor?


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                              Re: Old man fitness: running

                              There's something about the title of this thread that makes me avoid it. :eek:


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                                Re: Old man fitness: running

                                today was the one mile-I was really smart, since I knew it was the one mile day, I conserved energy by doing less of the 'warm-up' runs. Today the warmup runs were jogging for a bit, followed by sprinting, by jogging, then walking,etc.

                                then jog to the area to start the run.

                                Felt stronger today than the last 1 mile run, time 8:47!

                                Only one person lapped me today, compared to the three or four that lapped me last week.

                                So, four weeks from now, my goal is 8:30. Now, it's funny, today I was the leader of a pack-all young women, in much better shape than I am.

                                If I can do the four day boot camp consistently, and do the Saturday runs, I now project that by the end of the summer, I can do a one mile in ..........

                                (gritting his teeth..) ......... 7:43. That is a pretty awesome goal.

                                I love having a goal like that. projection for two mile is to double the 1 mile and add 17 seconds, to get 15:43, which would get me into the mid 80s on a PT chart. (originally I was adding 34 seconds after doubling, which would get me to 16:00, so I decided to cut the 34 in half)

                                While I'm being brave on the goals, my PU goal by end of summer is 30, SU,36
                                Both of those are for one minute. We have some guys at our boot camp who can really do SU bigtime, they go fast, and they are nailing 48, and they look like they can keep going. I don't have a clue how many PU are being done.

                                If I can stay outside as much as possible this summer, I might even get going to try for my weight goal. I wanna be a lean, mean 218!!!:D