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Old man fitness: running

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  • Old man fitness: running

    overweight old man, was in the guard many years ago, been out a long time. Love this forum, anyway, so I caught the running bug a few days ago.

    Keep in mind I don't run long distances, but I am soooooo out of shape, that when I recently began walking our new puppy dog,(terrier, never gets tired), I would run a couple of blocks. Not around the block, just two sides of a block. That's as far as I could run.

    The other day, I noticed there is a 5K run this weekend in our town. Tuesday I take off on a superslow jog, jogged 2.6 miles in 34 minutes. 13.07 minutes a mile. Very impressed I didn't have to stop, except to retie a shoe.

    Then this morning, I put a little extra distance on there, got home, drove the route. The car odometer says 3.2 miles, so when I calculated, I took off .1 because I ran on the sidewalk closest to our house both ways.

    Time, 36 minutes. 11.61 minutes a mile!!

    A few observations:

    1. This time especially, I tried different things, about breathing, When I would get tired of inhaling through my nose, I would change it up and breathe through my mouth. I do remember from the guard that breathing through your nose helps with any pains in your side, so when I got that I would go back to breathing through my nose.

    2. I have had back trouble in the past,(nothing serious) and I did feel that old nerve on the left side, so I changed my running style slightly, made sure I was running with my feet closer to the ground, and the pain went away.

    3. Running on the grass next to the sidewalk is good. Feels much better than the concrete.

    4. I had a great opportunity to clear my mind and think about Thanksgiving, and started thinking about all of you young guys who are mobilized, Thank you!

    5. Saturday is the 5k, should be fun. I honestly don't care if I'm last, but I do want to finish, I am allowing myself to think that it just might be possible to improve that time. I did feel a tiny bit of that runner's high today.

    Happy thanksgiving to everybody, especially those of you deployed, we are thinking of you!!!

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    Re: Old man fitness: running

    update, I ran my 5K, actually ran slower than I practiced, it was a ridiculous course that ended with two hills, ran a 37:00. Since then I have been running with a running club that meets at church on Saturdays. Weather has been bad, havent' been running much, but 9 days ago went, they took off on a run, I followed, and guys, let me tell you following some guys about your same age that are in much better shape than you are is pretty inspiring.

    So, I'm running along, don't have a clue how fast I'm going, keeping a pretty good pace, watching the guys get smaller and smaller, finally they disappeared around a bend, the leader ran back to get me, acted impressed, had one of those "watches" on, keeps track of your miles, ran with him for a while, all of a sudden he tells me I ran a 5K in 32:00. Wow!!!

    So we keep going, run back to the church, it was a 5 mile run!!!

    I never stopped running, only had some doubt at one point when I made a turn on a street near a gas station, developed a pain in my side, started breathing in and out of my nose. That worked, the pain disappeared.

    This group is great, and now that the weather is improving, I'm going to be able to run during the week, so I can do a better job on Saturdays.


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      Re: Old man fitness: running

      Thats just Awesome and Inspiring!!! Way to go!! Very Proud of you for sticking with it. Hard Work Pays Off!!! This is just good news.. Thanks for sharing.


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        Re: Old man fitness: running

        update, today's run was at about 35 degrees or so. leader told me where to go for the 10k course, and I ran it! Wow! He's gonna send me a training program. I'm going to run on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Saturday.

        I'm looking forward to being able to have a decent time. Today was really slow, but that's okay, considering I don't have much recent experience running long distances. (I did run a 10k 17 years ago, but that was with a different body, 60 pounds lighter). I actually think my time today was probably only about 20 minutes slower than my time 17 years ago.


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          Re: Old man fitness: running

          This is good stuff. I don't know where you are from, but I participate in the Stephen Siller fireman's run every year.

          It honors a Fireman by the name of Stephen Siller, who's job was to rescue other downed fireman. On 9/11 he got the call to help out his Fire Company, he got stuck in traffic about 3 miles from ground zero. He put on all of his gear (~70lbs) and ran all the way to ground zero (There is a huge stretch of road in one of the tunnels that goes uphill). He died at ground zero, and they honor him by doing this run every year.

          I was apart of the event when it was much smaller, now it is large as anything two years ago I came in 565th place out of 20,000. If you are in the Tri-State area, I am always looking for more people to link up with. One day I might try the event in full-battle rattle, but not by myself. I usually see anything from a Fire team to about two squads of Soldiers or Marines do the run in FB Rattle, even seen some of the Airforce PJ guys out there.

          Sailors yet to be sighted :).


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            Re: Old man fitness: running

            nope, live near Dallas, TX, but thanks, we do have plenty of 5ks, some 10ks, even some half-marathons going on around here. It's amazing what watching what some other people do motivates. One of the guys that is training for a half-marathon, he's new to running, he ran 9 miles Saturday.

            Only sad thing is right now we're having a wet winter, 43 degrees and rain.

            Looking forward to seeing the sun again, at least Saturday it was cloudy and not rainy.


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              Re: Old man fitness: running

     is cold and raining....:mad:

              I'm up here in Frisco (Preston/Main St area), where are you in Dallas???


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                Re: Old man fitness: running

                The group I've been running with is probably 20-30 minutes from you, in Plano, a stone's throw from the McDermott Road and Coit instersection.

                Address is in Plano. We meet on Saturdays, like a bunch of groups I'm sure, because that park is pretty crowded in the mornings.


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                  Re: Old man fitness: running

                  Make sure you stretch pretty good. I had been running and playing b-ball for cardio. Now I've developed tendonitis in my achilles tendon with a month left before AIT. I'm kind of worried because my job involves a lot of walking & stair climbing, but as long as I stretch throughout the day & ice it a couple of times I should be okay. I stretched pretty good most of the time, but those times that I was rushed to get a workout in must've caught up to me. Take your time on increasing your distance, warm up good, and best of luck to you.


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                    Re: Old man fitness: running

                    boy you're not kidding! I was gonna race against some kids one day, pushed off real hard(I've done this a hundred times before), and one step later, I thought someone had thrown a rubber ball at my calf. looked around no ball, oops, first time I ever pulled a muscle. went to Dr. and here were are a month later and it's completely healed.

                    today's run/walk, first time since calf healed, stretched calf real good, take off jogging, after a half a mile felt that old familiar pain in the lower left back that I used to feel a couple of years ago. stopped, laid on my back,did that stretch that we learned in basic. feet straight up in the air together, slowly ease them down to the left, then up to center, slowly ease them down to the right, felt that good pop, pop, pop, I'm not kidding three good pops, jumped up and ran again, helped some, but I wish the left had popped.

                    anyway, I ran/walked the rest of my time, I did feel a slight tug again in my lower left back later, that's why I was never able to run without stopping again. Calf was fine, felt nice and warm.

                    I'm going to get a good massage later this afternoon, that will give her something to work on. last time I saw her she pushed real hard on my back and it popped. she really gets into her work, she actually went over the hour a couple of times ago.

                    I may even go get some new shoes. The Asics I like are on sale.


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                      Re: Old man fitness: running

                      Good work, sir. running is the hardest thing to do. The only why I've gotten my run up is through martial arts that are physically intense. I almost make it a point to never step on the road because for me it's easy to quit running, but that's me.

                      I commend your hard work, sir! Better man than me for sure.


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                        Re: Old man fitness: running

                        update, I just started a boot camp today. This one is pretty intense, at least for a 45 year old like me. This thing is an hour long, no kidding, most I've seen are 45 minutes. We were doing sprints after each exercise this morning, kicked my butt. I'm doing the camp Monday through Thursday. they had us do a diagnostic 1-1 today PU and SU. Situps won't be a problem, I will get enough to pass.(my goal to pass, now this is gonna be fun!) Pushups, will be interesting to see how much I improve. I think we're doing a diagnostic one mile tomorrow.

                        And get this, they say they do an optional run before the boot camp, starting at 5:00 a.m. So, after I get my legs underneath me, I could do the optional run for 30 minutes, then an hour of boot camp, for four days a week. Then on Saturday, I'm keeping my running appointments with our group at church, my goal is run a 10k and feel pretty decent during the run.


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                          Re: Old man fitness: running

                          woke up late, missed the starting time for the one mile by five minutes. still got in the majority of the workout, but the teacher invited me to attend the afternoon session, which is actually better because their one mile is run on a track with a little bit of a spring, not much, but better than running on asphalt.

                          Here's to breaking 12:00 for sure, and possibly 11:00. I did run into a man in his 30s who said he improved his time two minutes recently, he is in the low 7s for the one mile.

                          My goal in four weeks for one mile run is to break 9:30. I think I can do it, these workouts are pretty intense.


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                            Re: Old man fitness: running

                            btw, for you older guys, a deep tissue massage followed by a chiropractor visit is one of the most incredible things you can feel. After the massage therapist pounded my back for forty minutes(she was disappointed she couldn't completely release the muscles from my spine I don't feel a thing in my upper back); then she watched me do my stretching exercise and the second time I put my legs to the left, the three pops happened! It felt so good. one thing, right after the massage I was popping real good all over She told me to go to the Chiro we both know, he popped my upper back real good and he pounded on it also.

                            Funny the only part of my body I 've never really popped by myself is my back. Massage therapist told me next time to bring a hammer and she might walk on my back.


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                              Re: Old man fitness: running

                              11:01, I will hit my goal of 9:30 in four weeks.