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  • Gko

    What is the MRO Passback Status spreadsheet once you click on link to volunteer for deployment?

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    Re: Gko

    MRO = Mobilization Readiness Officer.

    A State gets a mobilization call. Their unit has some vacancies. The State tries to reassign people within the State to cover the vacancies. The ones it can't fill internally are "passbacks." At that point, my former colleagues at the Mobilization Office at Bureau fill the passbacks with volunteers or IRR.


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      Re: Gko

      Interesting, thank you Sir.

      As i've mentioned, I want to stay over here, or Afghanistan if necessary. The only issue is, i've currently been away with a company for over four months and know what its like to not be the happiest socially. There are some good times, but for the most there are only a few I hang with. I know there is a job to do and personal life isnt the most important, but we all also know it is important to have an outside of work life also. I'm an outsider to JASG-C. Section isnt the best in that aspect. I'm glad I made the decision to get on board with any company at the last minute, I dont regret that, but it has its days.

      I want to extend, but with a really good friend that is in the brigade, but not this company. I have a friend in the rear willing to do all he can, but he is stuck pretty much within the state. We dont have many more going, there are 3200+ of us here now. Onesy and twosies, but far and between. Its likely going to have to go outside of the state.

      Went to our HRM guy a few days ago. He said I fill out a packet in Oct, he has the list ready in November. He wont touch it until then. In a way I was happy, it wasnt a flat out denial of no extensions which happend to company we replaced for the most part.

      He says he currently has a list for back fills for our brigade. The list has over 100 names. We dont need nearly that many fillers (as of now). In other words, as you know, way more volunteering then needed. Good part is its HHC for brigade and i've worked in same section as one in charge of the list for a few months now. Few other connections there too personally, worked with his Mom back home for a few years...blah blah blah...

      We do know we are getting replaced. That was questionable. We know about when. We know how long they are scheduled to be here. I'd love to stay here. But its not that simple. I cant just say hey, i've been working in CAC Office for the deployment, one of your guys can stay home i'll stay here. They take everyone they can from their state first. I thnk thats retarded and dont understand, but it is what it is. But I do know its possible to stay, just unlikly. But there is that part of wanting to end up with friend. I'm having a great time here with people I dont even like most times. But I know it would make the extended months go even better being with a great friend. He extended last time. Lots of convoy experience. Is an 88M. Is currently convoy staging NCOIC at another FOB in the far South. Has two years experience of being over here, but it was a different war then too. He has alot of civilian skills that would be helpful here too.
      I filled out GKO volunteer form yesteray. I unfortunatly dont have alot of experience. Out of Ait then trained up for here. Warrior skills and such. I have admin background. I'm not afraid to work a little. I'm not afraid to be a mission soldier either. Currently working in CAC Office, have some other HR experience.

      Any and all suggestions and/or help would be great. I'm not going to lie. MOB is the worse experience ever. I want to be over here, but not have to go through that again.

      My COC is aware I want to stay and Command would likely approve. Late Jan/early Feb demob time frame.


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        Re: Gko

        Why don't you just extend in theater?


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          Re: Gko

          To be clear, i'm talking extend tour, not contract. That is exactly what I want to do, that way it bypasses MOB again. The issue is I want to extend with someone. I'm doing it 'alone' now, I'd enjoy it so much more with someone I really care about and have been friends with for years and years. I'm pretty sure I can stay here and hook up with another company. But i've already been told that list is long. The SFC HR person taking care of it actually showed me it. And thats the list for us to use for replacments for all our companys here. The one i'd go on cant be started until Oct I was told by him. We get outta here late january/feb. I'd rather be in contact with a company needing fillers and do it that way rather then be on some list. I've been told staying on with company replacing us might not be possible. They take everyone possible from their state before looking to the outside. Its not just a matter of me saying...well if Joe Blow doesnt want to deploy with ya'll, i'm more then willing to take his place instead. And I'm sorry but I dont know the correct terminology for this, but i've been told i'd go on a list. Simular to what the SFC is taking names from now to fill our current brigade (27 companys throughout Iraq) with. SFC has a couple names of soldiers from company we replaced, (50th out of New Jersey) wanting to stay on. Most werent allowed to. That being their Command decision. They all left a few days ago. We didnt use any of their 'guys' to fill any of the companys in our brigade. I guess we still need a few fillers, but they are being taken off of this list he has of like 100 random soldiers from throughout the states.
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            Re: Gko

            I registered on GKO, I checked the spread sheets on there also. I realize it isnt like a person can just go pick a slot on there, but did look for specifically 2010 and for OIF since that is less travel and money on the military dime. I'd go to Afghanistan. I looked for my MOS. Our company pretty much is doing our own MOS because of the mission, but the other 26 or so companies are not, but they list a MOS in the sheets so thats what I looked for. Along with 88M (he has other deployment experience then 88M but that is his current MOS).

            I know that our HR section submits a packet for us when it gets closer to demob time for volunteer extensions.

            Is the GKO list and this submission from overseas going to the same date base?

            I know, eye rolls are going on. I'm just trying to understand the process better so I can use it to the fullest.
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