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Let's entertain Becky thread!

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  • Let's entertain Becky thread!

    Ok people, one of our favorite regulars here is in need of entertainment while in the sandbox. Becky has been a great contributor here, and it's our turn to help her out!

    Okay Becky, bookmark this thread and I'll keep it bumped for you! We'll give you your $5 worth!

    :) :) :)

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    Okay, since your Internet connection is so slow, are you able to see pictures here in this thread or is it easier without pictures?

    I'm thinking that people can post deployment tips for you and questions and what not... You can also update us on how you're doing and post some of your cool pictures!

    Are you blogging like MAJ Ritchie is? If so, post the link or if not, heck, just blog it here!


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      I think Major Ritchie needs an entertainment thread since he is deployed as well. :rolleyes:


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        I guess I dont bat for the other team because the first thing I saw was what looks like a old SDV in the background.


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          Mr. Ritchie probably actually has work to do, I dont. We are here around two weeks and only three manditory trainings to do, each only taking a few hours. They have given us silly other trainings too though. It will be better once we move from Kuwait to Iraq. Thanks for the thread, Quantum. lol

          I'm embarressed. I'm sitting in a building with about 30 computers right next to each other. We pay $5/hour so hopefully everyone is too busy to look at my screen but I kept having to scrolll and see that guy. No <a href=""> Click HERE</a><a href=""> Click HERE</a><a href=""> Click HERE</a><a href=""> Click HERE</a> allowed of course or anything close to it so I was worried someone would see it and be offended! lol


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            Joke Time!

            "A Horse, a Rabbi and a Blonde walk into a bar.

            The bartender looks at them and says "Hey, what is this. Some kinda joke?"


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              that's gotta hurt...


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                I like how the man ducks so it can hit the woman or child. Then the lady behind them looks like she is still munching on some popcorn.


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                  [QUOTE=WIBecky74]I like how the man ducks so it can hit the woman or child. Then the lady behind them looks like she is still munching on some popcorn.[/QUOTE]

                  I just wonder how that guy's face looks now...


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                    Stupid joke

                    What did the fish say when it hit the wall
                    My favorite stupid joke.
                    What do you call a woman with one leg shorter than the other-Eileen
                    What do you call the same woman in Japan-Irene.

                    I know its dumb but I just love that one.


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                      Those are hilarious!


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                        [QUOTE=PFC Lowe]E-mail inbound:D[/QUOTE]
                        This sounds a little scary:confused: ;)


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                          [QUOTE=maidenrockmom]One rule I had while dating was to never go out with a man with more cleavage than me. Now that I am older I'm thinking it would be never date a man with less of a paunch than me:)[/QUOTE]

                          Hahaha! That's a good rule!


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                            My favorite corny joke...

                            Why did the chicken cross the road?

                            To prove to the possum it can be done.


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