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  • Housing and Financial Assistance

    My parents are moving down to Las Vegas this summer, most likely while I am at Ft. Knox, and I don't really want to move. I want to stay in Reno and attend the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). I don't want to move down there and attend University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

    I have a part time job working at a Quizno's and I am making around $250 every two weeks. Not much, but it's only supplemental money. I'm hoping my drill checks will add around ~$190-$200.

    If I got an apartment or something with a roommate, or lived on the dorms or whatever, will the Guard hook it up with any financial assistance specifically for housing?

    What would qualify me for any kind of financial assistance?

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    Since you are in school are you getting the MGIB/kicker?


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      Yes I got those in my contract as well. Including the $10,000 bonus.


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        [QUOTE=PFC Lowe]Since you are in school are you getting the MGIB/kicker?[/QUOTE]
        There is quite a bit of criteria you need to meet the GI Bill Kicker. I don't know the specifics. But, if you call your recruiter and ask him for the information, he should be able help you.

        Here is the Info that my Recruiter gave me on the Kicker $

        Full time student 12 + credits / semester $329
        3/4 time student 9 credits / semester $246
        1/2 time student 6 credits / semester $163
        1/4 time student 3 credits / semester $82.25

        I'm not eligible to get this money yet. It is only after you apply for it and after you are MOSQ. Like I said, ask your recruiter.


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          To get the Kicker you must have scored a 50 or higher on the ASVAB. I think. Lol.


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            I thought it had something to do with the ASVAB. I've had so much info thrown at me since February, I'd have to go over it all again. I will be doing that in January 2010 when I go back to school and utilize my Kicker :D


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              Federa and state TA + GI Bill and Kicker... PLUS drill pay.

              It's ridiculously awesome for a young single kid going to college. I'm going to spend my kicker on booze and fast women! Hooah!


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                [QUOTE=Mizzou]Federa and state TA + GI Bill and Kicker... PLUS drill pay.

                It's ridiculously awesome for a young single kid going to college. I'm going to spend my kicker on booze and fast women! Hooah![/QUOTE]
                It's nice we don't get taxed on it. I just wish I had taken advantage of this years ago...


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                  So can anyone help me with my housing question?
                  Can I get any financial support?


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                    I don't know about getting finacial assitance from the Guard but I will suggest you look into an apartment VS dorms. The University I went to kicked you out whenever a break came around, which can be a major pain when you have nowhere else to go. Also talk to your financial aid office they may be able to offer you something as well.


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                      I have been looking at these post, researched all pay, and looked into GI Kicker. I have never seen anything on the National Guard helping for housing while in college. They will pay extra with the kicker but, again, I have seen nothing saying that they will help with rent. You will have to use the money given to pay for the rent.


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                        The only housing related items you get while in the guard.

                        -BAH. Active Duty orders ONLY, with a smaller portion during your Annual Training formerly called BAH Type II.

                        -Property Tax discount. Call your local offices. It's small, but its still a savings.

                        -VA Loan. Plenty of info out there on this.

                        -Home Down Payment matching grant up to $5000 dollar for dollar. You lay $500, they give you $500. You lay $10,000, you get $5000. Not sure if there are seperate funds by state on this.


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                          Oh... Okay I see.

                          Does the money from the MGIB and the Kicker go straight to the university I am attending? Or do they go into my bank account, and I am responsible for making the payments for college myself?

                          Because of they go straight to the college, i wouldn't be able to use it towards rent, but then again, if they allowed us to use the money for whatever we want, it defeats the purpose of paying for college doesn't it? Cuz instead they're paying my rent...... Lol.