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  • Drug testing

    i want to go to meps as soon as possible but it is quite likely i have some marijuana in my system, i should definetely just wait a couple weeks right? what happens if id does show up?:eek:

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    Oh your asking for alot of replies here, and not many will be answering your actual question. lol

    You have been around the stuff enough (and others with experience in it) to know how long you need to wait. Wait. (zipping mouth on anything else here)


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      [QUOTE=NGhopeful]i want to go to meps as soon as possible but it is quite likely i have some marijuana in my system, i should definetely just wait a couple weeks right? what happens if id does show up?:eek:[/QUOTE]
      WOW......Obviously, you should wait. If it does show up expect not enlisting, possibly ever. First off....... ok I have a few comments I'd like to make , but I'm going to refrain from them. Simply because its just none of my business. Drug testing does not only happen at MEPS it can happen at anytime and any place. Last month for example my entire RSP unit was tested. Yes Becky is right you're gonna get ALOT of replies.
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        please refrain from judging me as i did not include the reason why it would be in my system, Dont eat snacks at random college parties. To say the least i was enraged and this is further delaying my trip to meps.


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          Ahhh Brownies....:rolleyes:


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            [QUOTE=NGhopeful]please refrain from judging me as i did not include the reason why it would be in my system, Dont eat snacks at random college parties. To say the least i was enraged and this is further delaying my trip to meps.[/QUOTE]

            I understand what your saying, in your original post you just made it sound like a joke lol. I would DEFINITEY wait, better to be safe then sorry on something that could stop you from EVER getting in. I know a lot of people who do that sorta stuff and they say to sweat a lot, and drink a lot of cranberry juice(wtf?)


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              A jury at a special court-martial convicted Air Traffic Controller 2nd Class Javier Trevino on Nov. 26 of wrongful use of cocaine.

              By Andrew Tilghman - Staff writer
              Posted : Tuesday Jan 20, 2009 17:14:10 EST

              They weren’t really doing lines of cocaine — they were just drinking some herbal tea.
              That’s what Air Traffic Controllers 2nd Class Javier Trevino and Sean Lee claimed after both popped positive for cocaine during random drug tests last summer.
              That defense worked for Lee, who was cleared by a military jury Monday and is now back at work at Naval Station Mayport, Fla.
              Trevino, however, wasn’t so lucky.
              A separate jury at a special court-martial convicted Trevino on Nov. 26 of wrongful use of cocaine. The 31-year-old married father of three received 45 days’ restriction, 45 days’ hard labor and will likely get kicked out of the Navy. He began his restriction Jan. 10.
              The unusual cases hinged on an obscure herbal brew known as mate de coca tea, which is made with coca plant leaves. Popular in South America, the tea has no euphoric effects but contains traces of the same metabolites found in cocaine. It is legal to purchase in the U.S. but is considered a banned substance by the military.
              “I always thought of cocaine in white-powdered form, where you get it and snort it. I never, ever thought it would be in an herbal tea,” Trevino said in a telephone interview Tuesday.
              Trevino told the jury he first got the mate de coca tea from an old friend while visiting his hometown of San Antonio. The friend, he said, gave him a Ziploc bag full of tea bags with Spanish-language labels that Trevino could not read. Trevino said he liked the tea and brought it back to Mayport.
              Trevino shared some of the tea with Lee and others, including his own 11-year-old son. Lee drank the tea at Trevino’s home during the July 4 holiday weekend. Lee said he even took some home to share with his pregnant wife. After the holiday weekend, their aviation operations unit was called in for a routine drug screen.
              Both Trevino and Lee refused a non-judicial punishment and opted to take their case before a jury at a special court-martial.
              Military and medical officials are skeptical of the tea excuse.
              “In our hospital, if somebody tests positive to cocaine and tries to use that defense, I demand that they show us that kind of tea bag and I analyze it to show that they are not lying,” said Dr. Amitava Dasgupta, a toxicology expert at the University of Texas.
              “He could have ‘Googled’ that information from somewhere and now he could be lying. How do I know?” Dasgupta said.
              The military tested the tea Trevino provided and found it to have 7.8 milligrams of cocaine, a level military officials said could trigger a positive test result up to 29 hours after ingestion.
              Some drug tests show large amounts of cocaine consumption that would make mate de coca tea a completely unbelievable explanation. But Trevino and Lee both showed only trace amounts of cocaine in their urinalysis, evidence that supported their claim.
              The key issue at the trials was whether Trevino and Lee “knowingly” consumed cocaine. It may have been in the form of tea, but the sailors knew it was cocaine, the prosecutor in both cases said.
              After the jury found Trevino guilty in November, the judge made a rare on-the-record statement disagreeing with the finding. The panel included two officers and one chief. The judge, Marine Col. William Rapp, said the convening authority should disapprove the guilty finding because “real doubt exists about the element of knowledge.”
              “The innocent ingestion evidence that was put forward by the defense was extremely credible, quite believable, and in and of itself worthy of a not-guilty finding,” Rapp said, according to the record of trial.
              Nevertheless, the case’s convening authority, Capt. Aaron Bowman, commander of Naval Station Mayport, formally approved the jury’s verdict Jan. 9.
              Lee’s special court-martial ended Monday, when a panel of five jurors found the petty officer not guilty of taking cocaine. Bowman is the convening authority in both cases. He could reconsider Trevino’s punishment in light of Lee’s verdict.
              Lt. Cmdr. Janelle Beal, the chief legal consult for the command, said Wednesday that she could not comment on Trevino’s case because the administrative separation board proceedings are pending.
              Different verdicts and sentences for essentially the same case are not uncommon.
              “That happens all the time in the military, and it happens all the time in the civilian courts. No two facts are the same. No two witnesses are the same,” said Greg Rinckey, an attorney in Albany, N.Y., and a former Army lawyer who tried a similar case several years ago. In Rinckey’s case, an Army captain from Peru drank a tea his grandmother gave him. The captain was acquitted.
              The Navy faced a similar case in 2005. Gas Turbine System Technician (Electrical) 3rd Class Juan Santa Cruz, an 11-year veteran assigned to the San Diego-based frigate Curts, was busted down one rank through non-judicial punishment. He has since left the Navy.
              All sailors who test positive on a urinalysis are processed for potential separation. Under the Navy’s “zero tolerance” policy, failing a drug test for cocaine is grounds for dismissal. Trevino thinks he’s been wrongly condemned by what he claims is the Navy’s overzealous culture of drug abuse prevention.
              “I guess the jurors are just trying to protect the credibility of the Navy’s drug policy. It seemed like from day one in the Navy, we’re taught ‘zero tolerance, zero tolerance, zero tolerance.’ If you get caught, you are guilty. That is the thinking that got me convicted.”
              Trevino expects to have to fight to keep his air traffic controller’s license with the Federal Aviation Administration, which he’ll depend on for a post-Navy job.
              “I don’t want to have my career thrown away because I was made an example.”


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                Are for real

                Hard Charger,,,

                Not sure how it got in your system but Military folks live be a CODE,, HONOR, RESPECT, DIGINITY, Maybe you should rethink your goals. The Military is for the Hard not the Weak!



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                  That is why you should never eat anything at college parties. LOL.


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                    Ah cut the guy some slack. He said he basically got rufied at a party. I feel sorry for the guy but you really outta know better at a college party lol.


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                      [QUOTE=NGhopeful]i want to go to meps as soon as possible but it is quite likely i have some marijuana in my system, i should definetely just wait a couple weeks right? what happens if id does show up?:eek:[/QUOTE]

                      When was the last time you smoked???

                      THC can vary quite a bit, depending on who is using it, when itís used, and several other factors. For example, itís estimated that THC can have a half life that ranges anywhere from 1-10 days. Itís almost impossible to find out what that half life is, which means that it is very difficult to use it to calculate how long it will take for all of the THC to leave your body.

                      The most common period of time is anywhere from 3-30 days, depending on your metabolism and the amount of marijuana that youíve smoked. This is since it means that while most drug tests can only turn up evidence of other drugs if youíve been taking the drug within a few days of the drug test, marijuana could still be detected in a urine test up to a month after the last time it is used.

                      So, if the THC is still there when you go to MEPS, there is a few things that will happen.If you are tested hot you will be barred from MEPS for 30 days,a wavier will be needed,will not be entitled to any SRIP benefits,and two consecutive positive drug tests are not eligible for enlistment.


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                        Best advice I have is dont knowingly do drugs, and you may want to not expose yourself to that "scene" if you can help it. Things happen and you found out if you were rufied that sucks. From what I have read the military seems to understand if you have "experimented" I think they put a # of what is considered expermentation and also look at the time frame of when the event happened. People are human and things happen. I would say just be upfront and honest with your recruiter.

                        This is a touchy subject on a public forum that many people obviously read.

                        Good Luck working things out.


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                          [QUOTE=NGhopeful]please refrain from judging me as i did not include the reason why it would be in my system, Dont eat snacks at random college parties. To say the least i was enraged and this is further delaying my trip to meps.[/QUOTE]

                          I'll be honest up front, I am dead set against the use of marijuana in any form, for any reason. It's a drug, illegal and simple.

                          Now, that said....

                          Since I was not at that party, I'm not judging you one way or another, so don't think I am. But the problem you have is regardless of the reason for it, if you have residual traces in your system when you go to MEPS, it is going to be discovered, and you will not be enlisting that day. The military has no idea whether someone smoked pot around you, you smoked it yourself, or ate something you shouldn't have, nor is the military particularly going to care.

                          My advice, if in fact you did accidentally ingest it, is to simply wait it out. Give yourself a month or so, and by all means STEER ABSOLUTELY CLEAR of any parties, friends, acquantances, or situations that would involve any sort of drug or potential drug use.


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                            drink a lot of water

                            drink a lot of water and wash that sh!t out. Never do that stupid sh!t again, or you'll be stuck in civilian life.

                            Never again! Drugs destroy Dreams and are imcompatible with military service.


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                              Take it from someone who knows: FOR GODS SAKE DON'T RISK IT!!! I think that statement clearly shows my feelings on the subject. I would wait at least 30 days. Then I may even go to the local LABCORP or other agency and pay for a drug test to be sure. The results waiting time can be anywhere from instant to a week depending on the type of test performed. Bottom line is... Don't do drugs, drugs are bad m'kay...and the old "I did'nt know what it was" defence is not going to cut it with a military panel. Many people think they won't get caught, and some won't, but most will, and your career will be ruined. I'm not saying you are a drug user, but I am speaking to any typical young, college type kid out there. You mess around with drugs and you WILL get caught. There will be a lot of pressure on you especially in the guard, since you are home most of the time, surrounded by people who have no real interest in your future, to "just do a little, it won't show up." especially late at night, drinking at parties, etc. You will have to be an adult, maybe the only one in the room, and say no. Period. Then question your choice of friends. Why would my friend WANT me to fail? They know I can't do drugs. Choosing friends wisely is a part of growing up. Surround yourself with people that have goals not just to graduate, but to succeed. Anyway, I could write a lot more on this subject, Its a passion of mine to see that others don't go through what I have, but I think you get the gist. Good Luck