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What's your favorite Candence

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    Re: What's your favorite Candence

    *digs grave, sprinkles pixie dust, awakens thread from the dead*

    Really I just saw the link RSP NCO posted in the other cadence thread :D

    Anyway.. we did I'm A Steam Roller Baby but we were stomping our left foot then clapping to keep the beat. Sounded pretty cool with about 100 of us.

    I also went on my first company run for 2.5 miles (some people said 3 but it didnt feel that long). Again about 100 of us and a bunch of NCOs and Officers taking turns calling cadence, 0500, still dark out. That was a lot of fun. Cadence really does make running easier.

    To any new recruits reading this, dont be "that guy" who thinks its corny or not cool to sound off cadences. Most of the time theyre fun when you get into them, ESPECIALLY when running. Makes it less boring and keeps your motivation high.


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      Re: What's your favorite Candence

      Since it's up and running again, here's mine...

      One dark night in the middle of the day...
      Two dead boys came out to play...
      Back to back they faced each other...
      They drew their swords and shot the other...
      A deaf policeman heard the noise...
      And he came to save those two dead boys...
      And if you think my story's too tall...
      Ask Sergeant Major, he saw it all...


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        Re: Your Favorite Cadences?

        [QUOTE=RSP NCO]Wow...and here I was thinking that privates never learned anything. Well played young private. :cool:[/QUOTE]

        Hooah Sarn't...not that young, but always ready to learn. ;)


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          Re: Your Favorite Cadences?

          [QUOTE=Dave-O]Hooah Sarn't...not that young, but always ready to learn. ;)[/QUOTE]

          young in military service, not necessarily young in years


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            Re: What's your favorite Candence

            So I just finished the first run with my ROTC BN (after 2 years of enlisted service w/ Artillery), and holy ****, the cadences they sing in ROTC are remarkably different from the ones I know from my all-male Artillery Unit (plus Ft. Benning BCT and Ft. Sill AIT)

            "Don't let your *Dog Tags* dangle in the dirt?" Really?

            "And then I smashed his *little* head?" and then no 3rd verse? WHAT? SO WHAT IS THE MORAL OF THE STORY THEN????!!!!

            Maybe I'm just not used to the censorship, or really how to behave at all around female soldiers, er, cadets... I understand being EO and all when there's females around, but just don't try the dirty ones unless you can do it the right way. I feel like I'm listening to an edited rap song or something.

            That said, favorite cadence ever was when my DS led War Pigs during a Platoon Run. It was amazing.


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              Re: What's your favorite Candence

              L,R,L,R,L,R K*LL
              K*LL, K*LL, K*LL, you know we will!


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                Re: What's your favorite Candence

                lol @ the army training us to ****, and then censoring the word.

                i love this board.

                EDIT: WOW. that looks completely different with all 4 letters blocked out.
                K I L L.

                not ****.