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JAG AGR: Realistic?

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    [quote=MaineLawyer]I'm the AGR JA for Maine. Give me a call and I can give you the scoop on it.


    That is what networking is all about.



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      [QUOTE=WO1 Quinones]That is what networking is all about.


      Speaking of that Chief, I have a WO1 here getting ready to go to the same (I think) school you just finished, and he would like to here from you. Can you email me so I can forward your address to him?


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        You can also commission (as a JA, or via OCS to a basic branch), and apply for one of the several civilian attorney positions that tend to exist within the guard structure. I know we have a couple of those open in TX.


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          [QUOTE=CJLaw]I am a newly minted attorney and prior service Guard NCO. I wanted to get feedback about the prospects of landing an AGR post as a JAG.

          The only reason I left the Guard in the first place was for law school. It was always my plan to comeback after gaining my license. With the disastrous legal market out there right now (I graduated 6 months ago and have only had 1 interview) JAG is now makes more sense than ever.

          I thought about active, but don't know how much my wife will appreciate having to move out of the state. So, AGR would be a much better option.


          You should first consider getting a commission as a JAG Officer. That is priority no. 1. After that, once commissioned, you'll attend JAOBC and during the course of JAOBC, I am certain NGmen are offered slots in the Active Army as JAG Officers.

          Do you just want to stay in your state, or are you willing to go AD.

          Contact me directly for more info.