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is the basic training the hardest part?

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  • is the basic training the hardest part?

    how long are you gone before you come back home after you leave for the basic training?

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    I believe BCT is at 9 weeks training, while a week is spent in "reception" - getting uniforms, PT gear, etc. So total 10 weeks. Then I think everyone's time in their AIT is determined by your specific MOS. Ask your recruiter for this information, OR check your ship orders/dates - it might be listed there.


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      also, from what i've gethered, after basic training you have a few days before you report to AIT. but don't quote me on that as gospel truth.


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        Depends on your MOS and your DS staff.

        Infantry is more like an 18 week long basic. We didnt get any additional freedoms, mints on your pillows, cellphones or necessarily more passes after the transition. (2002-2003)

        Here's how it went for me.

        -Formation called, banners presented.

        -Colors changed.

        -First Sergeant says something along the lines of "Congratulations on making it this far. Do not expect any changes other than the color of your banner. Now get yourselves back upstairs!"

        Obviously, the more technical MOSs will be different.
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          [QUOTE=servintheusa]how long are you gone before you come back home after you leave for the basic training?[/QUOTE]

          depends on MOS


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            Basic is nine weeks plus one in reception. At Fort Jackson you get a family day the day before graduation. You spend most the day family day and graduation with family. I had a day between basic and AIT I also got to spend with family. During AIT, if your family is close, you may also get the opportunity to spend a couple weekends with them also during passes. AIT depends on your MOS. Most are betweeen 6 and 10 weeks. I'm not going to lie, the hardest part of training was being away from loved ones. And i'm a grown 33 year old female. But i've never regreatted joining (well a few weak moments but they pass with the help of the new family you gain while training) and it really is exciting and fun once you get to see them again. Everyone is proud of you including yourself. Its a few months out of a long life that you are away from them. And a preperation for deployment.


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              I agree with alot of this but as far as im informed basic has been changed from 9 weeks to 10 not including reception. Honestly the hardest part of basic for me was reception..all you do is sit around and wait. Im an MP so i agree with the infantrymen on this one. Basic is not a time for cell phones or fun things like that. Basic is a time to train and become a warrior. A warrior is not made overnight and it takes dedication and motivation to find the strength in you. Basic is a big mental challange and for the DS (drill sergant) its all just a game to break you down. Trust me stay mentally strong and keep in shape and basic is nothing but a cake walk. O yea and dont fall asleep during a classroom instruction it never turns out well for you.


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                i imagine that almost as hard as basic is the being away from family. I'm going to be in training for 29 weeks. 10 in south carolina and then another 19 weeks in Maryland. My MOs is 45g i'll be at aberdeen proving grounds.


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                  One thing I've noticed about BCT over the years....each crew that comes out of basic believes theirs was pretty much the last of the "tough" BCTs and everyone after them had it easy.

                  I went through in 96, and those that had gone through in the early 90's or 80's would say "your basic was like [B]that[/B]? Wow, it's gotten so much easier!" It's all the evolution BCT, some for the best and some reflected by our society. So, the next time you think your phase was the last "hard phase" just remember people having been saying this for years.

                  I think some changes are good though. I don't see a problem with cell phones for personal calls, when regulated of course. This means you don't have to stand in line forever at a pay phone and call home collect, or with a ripoff phone card.

                  It is what it is. BCT just exposes you to various parts of being a Soldier, it will be up to the NCOs at your unit to actually refine your training and make you the Soldier that you can be.


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                    Just remember that basic is 90-10. 90% mental and 10% physical. Also its alot of mind over matter........If you don't mind it don't matter.:D


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                      [QUOTE=Airman1030]Just remember that basic is 90-10. 90% mental and 10% physical. Also its alot of mind over matter........If you don't mind it don't matter.:D[/QUOTE]

                      yes....there are a lot of schools that are much more physical than BCT :cool:


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                        I'd have to say the hardest part was being away from family. I honestly didnt find the physical part terrible. Did have one road march that was supposed to take 4 hours and we did it in 2.5 all in the dark. That was probably the roughest time I had but even that was only a small chunk out of a long lifetime. If you stay in the right frame of mind its all doable. You also get out of it what you put in. I didnt understand that before going when told to me. You can wimp out on alot of things, its up to you to stay focused and do everything that is asked of you to get everything you can out of it.