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    I know I am going to have to get taped when i go to MEPS before i ship because i'm over weight for the females because i am very muscular. i would prefer not to lose that muscle if i can make tape. can someone tell me what to measure and what the numbers are for 22 yr old female recruit? OR is there a chart i can look at??

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    Did my posts in this thread:


    not answer those questions for you?

    If you'd like more detailed info, download a copy of AR 600-9; should be very easy to find in pdf format online.


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      Fabulous thank you very much. I found a quick BMI calculator online and i'm about 28.7% body fat (which is actually surprising), but my maximum is 32% so i'm good. still going to try to lose the weight always. thanks!


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        Don't rely on a BMI calculator, especially one that only takes weight and height as inputs - they are horrifically inaccurate.

        Beyond that, even if the BMI calculation you received was somewhat accurate, the army relies solely on their tape measure technique. And that tape measure technique in and of itself is not terribly accurate. The percentage generated by the tape measurement could be quite a bit off your 'actual' body fat percentage, BUT - it is the currency they will use.

        Your only sure option is to do an accurate tape measure using the methods listed in AR 600-9.


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          ah, good to know. i just went to the store to buy a tape measure. here goes!


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            go to [url][/url] and download the bodyfat spreadsheet, comes in handy


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              i sitll don't know how fast i have to run the 2 miles.
              i know that th BCT graduation standard is 50points
              and AIT is 60 points. but what is the IET requirement
              for Female 22+


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                You can graduate from BCT while only scoring 50 points on your run, but that isn't considered a passing score on the APFT. Basically, they're letting you 'slip by' hoping that you can get up to 60 points while at AIT.

                For a female age 22 to 26, you need to be able to run two miles in 24:06 to score 50 points and thereby qualify to graduate from BCT. To pass the APFT with a minimun 60 points and thereby graduate from AIT, you'd need to finish in 19:36 or less.


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                  They told us they were changing the passing to a 60 in basic, we were the first cycle that required a 60. Talking to other companies at Fort Jackson they were told the same thing. I also knew two recruits who failed by one (literally) sit up to reach a 60 and they were no-goes until they got the 60 mark.

                  I wouldnt think of what you need for the minimum. I'd look for that 100 or more and shoot for it. The training you receive while there should get almost anyone close to achieving a 60. They wouldnt even give us a chart to look at because of people lookin' for that 60 and not having a higher goal.