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  • Need help for real

    Well I would like to work out but I don't know what to do that will help me like how many SU and PU I should do at a time and stuff. I try to fined websites to help me make a plan but they all suck so if any one on hear could help plz do thanks alot.

    P.S. I only need to lose 40lbs to join so its not that much to me and I know it can be done

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    Well, I would suggest run, run , and then run LOL....Seriously though....For push-ups do as many as you can and when you collpapse force yourself to do another... Always Always try and better your last workout...

    The one thing that I would suggest for you as well is pull-ups. While it is not in any PT test, It will help you in MANY aspects of bootcamp.

    Also, Start going on your own road marches. Get a pack and start w/ some weight. Increase it week by week.

    IF you are going to sand hill, you won;t regret getting ready for roadmarches, The hills can be a pain if you are not ready. Toss me a PM. I went thorugh noot 13 years(Yikes) ago and could give ya some pointers. (and ways to lose Weight) I am considering going back in myself.


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      40lbs can happen. It's a simple formula really. Burn more than you put in. If you are eating fast food, or other relatively high in fat content foods, you are going to have to do a lot of exercise to burn the weight. If you eat moderately well, and continue to exercise (mixing cardio and strength training) you'll shed the weight.


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        GX magazine has a section called Start Fitness. The instructor puts programs with different empahsis every month. Its a nice change so you don't have to do the same thing every day/week/month.


        go to the archives at the bottom of the page. You'll find all of the past routines