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Short term weight loss tricks

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  • Short term weight loss tricks

    Well, it's almost that time. Two weeks left of work, then a week of travel, and I'm off to MEPS to ship out.

    I have a question about short-term results. Before I get a lot of responses answering the wrong question, let me provide some background info:
    [LIST][*]I know how to lose weight in general. This time last year, I weighed about 340 pounds, and am now down to 230 or so. Most of this was the result of eating healthier, as my exercise routine started only recently.[*]I am already running every second or third day. I am currently running two miles or so, but don't want to push that too much more than I am because of a recent sprained ankle that I don't want to reinjure (I'm OK holding steady until training if necessary).[*]I eat a very healthy, very balanced diet, and though I drink some diet sodas, am already planning on going cold turkey on that to lose the extra water weight.[/LIST]
    So while I recognize that the typical advice of "eat healthier" and "run more" is perfectly valid, you'd be preaching to the choir. ;)

    Here's the thing. I've been taped three times recently, all within about 10 days of each other. I was measured at 24%, 26%, and 28%. So clearly, a lot of measurement error as my weight didn't change during this time. Unfortunately, my max allowable body fat is 26%, and the 28% was the official test at MEPS, so I had to take the ARMS test (which I passed). I would REALLY rather not have to take the ARMS test again when I report back to MEPS.

    There is no way I could pass the height/weight test before I ship (I would need to lose about 25 lbs, and as my weight loss due to healthy changes has leveled off, I don't expect to lose the rest until I'm going through the rigors of BCT. So I need to make sure I pass the tape test when I go back.

    I know that I can move my tongue to make my neck slightly bigger, and suck in just enough to make my gut shrink a little without getting noticed. But even then, the measurements are so inconsistent that I can't be sure that I'll pass.


    The question is, what I can I do in terms of a short-term fix to get "over the hump" when it comes to passing the tape test? I don't need a sustained weight loss, just something I can do in the days (or hours?) leading up to MEPS that will help me out with the tape test.

    For example, drink lots of water so that I lose any extra water weight.

    But what else? Are there any tips or tricks to losing that extra inch, even if only for a few hours, that people could share? I know I'm in pretty good shape now, and can pass the ARMS test again if I have to . . . but I was so nervous about it last time I almost got DQed because of my initial heart rate. I don't want to take any chances this time, and just need to pass the flipping tape test so I can go on and do what I signed up to do.

    Any advice is appreciated. :)

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    I'd say there is really nothing "Healthy" you can do to loose a few pounds in a matter of hours. Your weight loss looks great from what I read. I myself have to loose 30lbs before I head to MEPS. I started 1 month ago and I have lost almost 17lbs. The only thing I have done is cut out carbs (almost all carbs) NO sugar, NO soda. Stay away from fatty foods and drink alot of water, at least 1 gallon per day, and the usual jogging & weights.

    The only thing I could say is you might try to take a laxative, but make sure you're not going to be some where you have to be and can't leave when the "Urge" hits. Good luck :cool:


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      Yeah . . . important to note that I'm not necessarily trying to lose weight that quickly, just trying to tighten up my waist measurement. The water thing will work; since I've been a little less strict about drinking caffeine lately, I should be able to shed some of that in the week or two before hand by flushing it out.

      Any others? One of my problems is that given my relatively quick weight loss, I have a lot of loose skin that's throwing things off (it's not fat so much as it is that my skin hasn't tightened back up yet now that there's nothing keeping it stretched). Any ideas on that front that might work as a short-term fix?


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        Loose skin can be a problem. Most people I have known that have it or had it, had to have surgery to get it removed. Loose skin is hard to get rid of by exercising alone. Other than that, I have no idea for you.


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          Well, it's certainly going down as I continue to work out and lose weight, I just lost a little too fast. :) Won't be a long-term problem, it's just getting in the way of my tape test at the moment.


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            Well, I think I figured out a trick on my own . . . get the flu! Yes, folks, for only two days of intense nausea and other fun, you too can lose a couple of pounds without any additional effort! If you can't eat food, after all, how can you NOT lose weight? :)

            On the plus side, I got to eat my first Reese's candy bar in a year today, trying to make up for the lack of calories I've had lately. That was nice . . . that one was tough to give up for the diet. ;)


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              Not to discourage you, but a lot of times weight loss from a sickness is gained back very quickly. Even if you cut back on food intake after starting to feel better it can still come back rather quickly. Hopefully not in your case, but it is normal body behavoir.

              Ace bandages+hemroid type cream=shrinkage

              Watched a recruiter wrap a potential recruit, unwrap just before entering Meps and it did its trick. Not suggesting it, just mentioning something i've witnessed and saw work.

              Those ab rollers you may have seen advertised really do wonders. I forget how much time you have left but I noticed much improvement in just a week...although that was ten years ago when I had a younger body too, but seriously, I saw tone goin' on in a week from it plus they are very reasonably priced these days tool


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                Ace bandages+hemroid type cream=shrinkage

                I have heard that works too. I was told plastic wrap not the ace bandage. And do it the night before you should go tape. I am having the same problem. I have been body building for a few years and have gone from 135lbs to 210 mostly muscle. I use the fat calipers weekly to assess my BF comp and it says 15% BF. My recruiter taped me and because of my small neck it says 22%. I taped at MEPS and it said 28%. I know I am not even close to 28%. So just in case I am going to do the prep H thing.

                Also, a trick body builders do before a contest is to drink excess water (1.5-2gallons a day) for a week and then 2 days before start decreasing the water intake like 3 days before only 1 gallon. 2 days before 1/2 gallon. Day before only 1/4 gallon. This in conjunction with some water pills and caffein the last day before will give you some amazing results (albeit temporary) without hurting yourself and taking some laxatives. Good luck!


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                  Okay . . . I'm intrigued by the body wrapping deal, but Google so far has only turned up a bunch of day-spa sites aimed at reducing my cellulite and improving my girlish figure . . . not quite what I had in mind. :)

                  So what's the scoop? How long before-hand do you do it, and how long do you need to let it take effect? How much cream? Is it going to be a problem if you smell like medicine when you go to MEPS?

                  I need details, people. ;)


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                    I heard to do the prep-h the night before and to not shower or wash it off. Just wipe off the excess. Sleep with the wrap and take it off when you wake in the morning. As far as smelling, Im not sure. I dont even know what the stuff smells like. Im not sure of the amount. I would guess the more the merrier?

                    When do you go in? I can talk to the person that I heard it from on Tue of Wed!


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                      Gambero- any more info on this wrap thing would be greatly appreciated. How dramatic are the results?


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                        Same Boat

                        Well I happen to be in the same boat. I took my first trip to MEPS this week tuesday and wednesday. They measured me 1% over the limit for body fat (27%) :mad: so I qualified for the ARMS test which I failed when my right quad cramped up so bad that I couldn't even walk.:eek: My recruiter says I only need to lose 1-2 inches around my gut before I go back in 2 weeks on the 21st. He told me about the prep H and saran wrap method. I'm wondering if this will even really work and if so how effective it will be. Enough to shave off that 1% so I dont have to do the ARMS test again? I'm also cutting out all soda and sweets as well as doing 500 crunches/day. Has anyone ever effectively used prep H and saran wrap at MEPS or heard stories of people who it has worked for?


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                          JrBiem691 - Make sure you're drinking a LOT of water between now and then. If you can drink a lot of water, you'll actually LOSE water weight (sounds backwards, but it's true). If you've been drinking a lot of soda before now, you may just see a drop of a couple of pounds on top of whatever else you're doing between now and then . . .


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                            Thanks for the advice Jemmons. I have been drinking quite a bit of soda as of lately (it's free at work) so I think that cutting it out all together will help tremendously. How much water should I drink a day to lose water weight, like a gallon/day?


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                              Well, there IS such a thing as water poisoning . . . but you'd have to be forcing it down to get to that point. Just keep a full pitcher nearby and drink it as often as you can remind yourself to. Maybe shoot for a glass an hour, or something reasonable, so that you're getting a steady intake throughout the day.

                              Basically, if your pee isn't crystal clear, you're not drinking enough water (this is also a good warning sign when you're exercising or out in the sun, as yellow or orange pee indicates that you're getting dehydrated).