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Benefits during OCS

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  • Benefits during OCS

    What educational and monetary benefits would someone with no prior service be eligible for During the 16 month state OCS?

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    I'll give it a shot to answer this until a SME can give you a better one.

    State OCS is just like drill weekends. You'll get paid as an E-5. As for monetary or ed benefits, they would be whatever was written into your enlistment contract.


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      Good Answer

      I'll second that...Just like drilling....but you get E5 instead of PVT...


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        Whew, thanks Captain! Where've yah been? I haven't seen you around!

        I hardly ever answer non-medical stuff but I also hate when someone posts and gets no answer!!!!


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          So you can still get GI bill and state education benefits?


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            Originally posted by AirMan
            So you can still get GI bill and state education benefits?

            In the state of NJ, what I was made aware of:

            You will be NOT be able to receive Montgomery GI Bill since it requires the completion of AIT.

            The only assistance that is available to me in NJ was the either State or the Federal Tuition Assistance. Since they only require the completion of Basic Training.NJ Is a 100% Tuition.

            Most if not all other monetary benefits were not available until the completion of AIT, and therefore not able to be received while in State OCS.

            This is the information I got from the center specifically in regards to education for the Army National guard for NJ. Forget what it's called, it was easy to google it.


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              Unless you're a 09S, don't you have to be MOSQed to go to OCS?


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                Originally posted by QuantumRN
                Unless you're a 09S, don't you have to be MOSQed to go to OCS?
                I'm only assuming he's saying 09S, cause he's saying he's non prior service.


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                  There is no requirement to be MOSQ'd for OCS (Hence the 09S capability).

                  In short, you have to be MOSQ'd to get the GI Bill (there are a host of other pitfalls, but not knowing your specific situation I won't get into them all. Talk to your state's GI Bill Manager in G1 if you think you might be a special case).

                  So, for school you are looking at Federal Tuition Assistance and whatever your State Benefits Program is (each State is different, so I can't help you out there).

                  Best thing to do is to ask for a sit down with your State's Education Team. Talk to your unit Admin and have it pushed up through the Personnel (1 shop) channels and either they will help you or send you up to the right POC at the Education Team at State G1.