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How much do you get payed during deployment?

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  • How much do you get payed during deployment?

    I am just wondering: say you get deployed for 18mo about how much are you paid in total. Does it include combat pay and such? Thanks in advance

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    i think you get paid as a full time soldier. kind of like at basic training. . . .i thinnk


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      Basic Pay, BAH, Hazordous Duty Pay, COLA, BAS (if applies) etc

      Too many to list off the top of my head. It's really hard to calculate because of so many variables.

      Basic Pay is tax free in a combat zone.


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        Then what is a rough estimate of how much it would be?


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          There's no way to give you a rough estimate; it all depends on your circumstances. Your base pay will vary on your pay grade and time in service; your BAH will vary depending on your home zip code; whether or not you get hazardous duty pay will depend on where you are deployed (Iraq and A-stan are combat zones; Kosovo currently is, but may not be in the future; etc); family seperation allowance will depend on whether or not you have dependents;

          etc etc etc


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            good to know!


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              Okay this is probably the most retarded question, but
              I'm used to getting a decent tax refund every year. I know enough to do my own taxes (very uncomplicated financial status) but otherwise i'm no accountant. I'm going shortly after the first of the year, within a month or so, and wont have much civilian pay for a year. Since taxes are not taken out, this will mean I wont get any refund for '09, correct? I do realize it comes out the same in the end, I keep the money each month rather then get it back in a chunk, but never really thought about not getting that one big deposit from a refund for the year.


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                Great question.

                I think you only will have to claim on what you have made state side. Also I think it's a full refund if you make under a certain amount. Don't quote me just what I think I have heard.


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                  Okay, so far what I've noticed after being mobilized here, it's very confusing.

                  A paycheck:

                  Basic Pay
                  Hardshipduty Pay
                  Subsistence Allowance
                  Withheld Tax Relief
                  Other Credits

                  The Witheld Tax Relief and Other Credits (I AM ASSUMING) are both my Federal and State tax refund for when I was in Kuwait (I swiped in April 30, 11:47 pm haha). Apparently how it works is that I get my check on the 1st and the 15th and around the 5th of the NEXT month, I get my refund back.

                  Also, I didnt include Hostile Fire pay because...i didnt get any! Not really sure h ow that works out because I got in Kuwait.

                  Now, that is a good question because I started making tax free money in April and didnt work a civilian job this year. I know that if you use Turbo Tax, it asks you "Have you been deployed to a Hostile Fire Area this year?" Im assuming if you click Yes and click where you were, Turbo Tax does its magic and sorts it out. (I really recommend it).

                  Ill ask the Finance Battalion over here and see what they say.
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