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Cant do college first?!

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  • Cant do college first?!

    Im somewhat confused and dissappointed. Though the website says that the college first program is available for those who join as a critical MOS I am still not able to do college first even though i want to join as infantry. I am joining the CT national guard and requested the college first program. Then later I was told that the College first is for all critical MOS's except infantry becuase much of the CT national guard infantry is being deployed in 2010 (From what i was told at MEPS in Springfield Mass.) so there is no point to make college first available to infantry recruits. Does this sound accurate?

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    That is not in the regulation at all. Does not matter what your MOS is if its critical MOS you can join as college first. I never heard of a job not being able to be taking off the list just because of a upcoming deployment.

    But hey i dont know everything.


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      Well As much as we would hope that everything is set in stone, it is not until you go to mep's and contract all of this. I am well aware and understanding of how things work . They do change, unless you have it in ur contract. Because the needs change continuosly for the military, so could your options.... I am ok with this simply because i understand this. I have changed my MOS several times due to my preferences that won't change i.e college first, delay bct. Just the other day I was going for 92y and 1.5 days later it was then not available with the college option.So now I have adjusted to the other posabilities. Emails go out everday to your recruiter to then in turn inform you of the changes. Please regarless of you location, take the time to conact other people via threads or pvt emails to get the you need. It is def. best work with a recrut in your area. Although depending on how truthful and hard they are willing to work will result in what ends up in your contract. Please be careful. I am satisfied with my recruiter thru& thru. Some recruiters are about quality(happy soldiers) not quanity!!!!! And vise versa!!!Just Ask!!!!


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        Oh btw!!! some time there ar slot's E2-e7 to fill for a soldier and you might be told that something is not available to fill what may be needed!!! DBLE CHECK!!!!


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          Well I am going to try for the 13F position Instead of the 11C which is fire support infantry. Im hoping they will allow me to use the college first with that MOS but my recruiter told me possibly not becuase it is still probably considered an infantry position that does not allow the college first option. Ill have to wait and see...


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            First of all, 13F is not infantry. Secondly let me offer a little bit of insight into my experience with the college first option. I enlisted May 11 2007. Shipped to basic January 16th of 2008, and just returned home from all of my IADT. I Found out while i was in AIT that my unit is deploying in '09, but did not no where to. I found out saturday that they are deploying to Kuwait in April. I Don't have to go, I have college first, but i want to go. After all the training i have been through and now understanding what selfless service truly is, i am going to waive my college first option so that i can deploy and be with my unit.

            You really have to ask yourself this question. Am i joining the army because of what the army can do for me, or because of what i can do in the army. I enlisted for college money and the bonus. Don't get me wrong, i wanted to serve, but hat was not the deciding factor in my enlistment. Now after having gone through the training, i want to serve. The college money, bonus, and college first option are just icing on the cake. The Fact that i am now a part of the best army in the world is what makes it all worth it to me.

            If you can't get college first, don't let that stop you from enlisting. It is an experience that you will never forget and it is definitely worth it. Good luck with all your plans, i hope you get things figured out.


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              Thank you for your reply, I got word from my recruiter. He inquired about wether I can do College First as a 13F. He said that the option is not available as a 13f and the only way I can get college first is if I can join in food service operations. I have a degree In food service management however I was hoping for the college first option so I can get a bachelors degree in management and soon after become an officer. I was told that it doesnt only matter what MOS I choose but also what unit I am assigned to which determines my college first eligibility. Im thinking of going the 13F route becuase I want to be a forward observer and just take my chances in attempting to finish my degree before I may be shipped out. Thank you all for the words of encouragement and insight.

              James Tynan


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                Who is your recuiter? I know a great one in rockville CT. if you want his name or number just reply. Thanks Kenneth


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                  College First

                  It is not the Critical MOS that disqualifiys your from College First it is Critical Units. A Crtical Unit is one that is gearing up for a deployment. It does not good to place recruits in those units and then make them non-deployable for two years. From what I read from the SRIP Policy any MOS under 125% is eligible for a enlistment bonus. The Critical MOS are more geared toward Prior Service personnel coming back in and to focus recruiters on filling the biggest holes first. At least the is how it is in Georgia.



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                    Join cause you want to serve your country not so your country can serve you!