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Video Game Review (Call of Duty: World at War Beta )

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  • Video Game Review (Call of Duty: World at War Beta )

    Well the next blockbuster game that is to hit the shelves at Gamestop and other video game stores is the long awaited Call of Duty World at War.

    Everyone that has reserved this game from gamestop has been able to play the Beta for over a month now. So I decided to do a review on it so far.

    Game: Call of Duty: World at War
    Genre: Action, First person shooter.
    Content: Storyline offline and Co Op campaign; Massive Online Content.
    Developer: Treyarch Studios
    Release Date: Nov 11, 2008

    So so far on the Xbox 360 Beta for COD:WW has been interesting. With the level Cap now set at 44 most of the online game content is avaible to try out.

    The game developers in WW have used the same game engine as COD4. So if you were addicted to COD4 online content (and you still play it) you probably will love this game as almost nothing has changed.

    Now there are some changes such as Co-Op Campaign mode which has been developed from the ground up and hopefully is a great experience. Sadly in the Beta we cannot see this Content.

    With 3 Maps open there is little to experience especialy as the released game will have 20+ Multiplayer maps including 2 maps dedicated to vehicle warfare. Oh yes there are player driven Tanks.

    Now I am happy with the gameplay of the online content but I mostly play on Hardcore TeamDeathmatch. As regular games require to many hits from weapons and I hate how there is a radar.

    On Hardcore weapon damage is increased and there is no radar unless you have a recon plane. A better experience for players I believe. Especialy since the damage from bolt action sniper rifles is so low in regular mode.

    There are some new Perks in the game as well, and the one thing I like about this new game is that they moved the perks around. So makes a player really choose which one he wants. Such as Stopping Power and Jugernaught in the same perk catagory. At level 65 you also unlock a perk for a Flamethrower. Bouncing bettys are the WWII equivulant to claymores in COD4 and they are very annoying buy yet a great part of the game.

    The developers also made going to prestige modes worth it in some fasio. it gives you the oportunity to costum build more classes.

    There are some things in this game I would love to see changes. Such as weapon damage, the blast damage from the main gun of the tank as well as a perk that would allow multiple attachments.

    Talking about Attachments, that is the biggest thing I am disapointed with.

    Since when can you not have a rifle gernade and a scope, or a silencer and a aiming appature. I would love to see this changed in a patch.

    So overall its a great game but could use some changes. There are some gliches and right now my rating is.

    7.5 out of 10.
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    Is this only for XBox 360 or is it for PC also?!?!?! It better be for PC cause if not, I'll be one mad
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      I think the maps are a lot better in size than COD4, but I prefer the map sizes of BF2.

      Look for Culcuhain out there. We can hook up one night and play...


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        Is the beta on XBL?


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          There is 2 Betas right now XBL and PC yes COD WW is on PC as well. Some Players of FP shooters do thing that PC is better for this genre but that is argued by many console players.


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            I prefer PC over consoles. I can't play a FPS without the keyboard and mouse! LoL


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              I'd have to go opposite... I'd rather play on my 360!


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                FPS are always secondhand games on a console. No way around it.

                I have the beta, but too lazy to install it. CoD4's flair didn't last long. I figure the main reason its popular is because of the name, the slobbering obsession with modern warfare (omg i am an elite super special ops ranger airborne killer just like those in iraq!.) The hardcore mode in CoD4 is also no genuine at all. How is it hardcore when airstrikes and chopper attacks are called in every 10 seconds? They should have allowed the ability to totally disable those bonuses. And most people play team deathmatch, so I have to assume that the perks (pokemon effect) are what's so attractive. In hardcore mode, every gun kills you in 1-2 hits anyway, so basically all guns are the same

                CoD WoW. I am looking forward to coop. This is the only thing consoles have over PCs. Coop is such a rarity in PCs, but games that include it sell very well and have a longer lifespan. Its the most underappreciated feature in PC games.

                Hope CoD WoW does well...even though its by a different developer I think.


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                  Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty:WoW would be great if they had maps as big as Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield 2. IMO, Battlfield 2 still have more players than Call of Duty 4. I have all 3 games mentioned above and I still find my attention drawn over to BF:2 and BF:2142 due to the maps being big and feeling more realistic. Don't get me wrong, CoD:4 has it's ups and downs. Graphic wise, CoD:4 blows BF:2 and BF:2142 out of the water. The fact that most guns can kill you thru walls is another added bonus for CoD:4 also. Haven't played CoD:WoW yet, need to check to see if it's out for PC yet or if it is even going to be for PC.

                  But then again, coming Nov. 13th, I'll be playing World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King! :D So my attention will be pulled away from CoD:4, BF:2, BF:2142 and even Counter Strike:Source, once again! :D


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                    I've been playing the beta, and I don't really care for the maps. They're not wide open enough, there's always junk around to where you're almost walking around a maze.

                    I can't comment on the graphics because the movers broke my 42" plasma, so i'm playing on a normal tv


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                      [QUOTE=abninf05]I've been playing the beta, and I don't really care for the maps. They're not wide open enough, there's always junk around to where you're almost walking around a maze.

                      I can't comment on the graphics because the movers broke my 42" plasma, so i'm playing on a normal tv[/QUOTE]
                      I would make the moving company pay for the dmg to the 42" Plasma. They're responsible for that if you hired movers. I'd be raising h3ll! I play on a 34" monitor. LOVE IT! Next move is going 42" myself.


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                        yeah, they're reimbursing me for it


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                          I'm glad to hear that. Glad they aren't trying to fight you about having to reimburst you. I remember I had a moving company do that (not mentioning the name) with my plasma and they tried to say it was already broken. Once I brought up taking them to court and had proof that it was not broken before they started moving it (had actualy pictures of stuff as it was before being moved) they quickly decided it was their fault.


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                            Well it was movers from when I ETS'ed, so the army payed for the moving and the Full Replacement Value Insurance, so if they try to give me trouble about it, I just gotta get the army folks on the phone


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                              LOL! Nice :D