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    [QUOTE=WO1 Quinones]wow the car-15. that is some old term back to the Vietnam days. but we call it the M4.[/QUOTE]
    We sold allot of military style rifles, some of them were just like the M4 (just a longer barrel and no automatic fire). But when a "soldier" with "years of service" has a hard time finding the charging handle, well:rolleyes: And I had these guys in all the time! It got to be a joke with us...

    But like I said, its sad when I think about it now.


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      Brett, they were hitting on you, talking about finding their charging handle and barrel.. Cmon, dont play innocent you knew how to make a sale... ha ha.. Welcome man, if you have any questions just ask. Thankyou for your interest. Good Luck


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        lol phantom but I bet it was true. nice to see you tell a lady "welcome man" lol


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          I seen a guy a local restaurant around here about 5 months ago that was wearing BDU's with Cpt rank on and he was telling "war stories " about being in Iraq.I asked him his rank " I knew what it was was " he said he was a 2nd LT,but his rank was for a Cpt and when I asked him why he was wearing Cpt rank then,he hurried and left.I called the police and filed a report.No idea if the scum was ever caught though.I was so sick from that experience.


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            [QUOTE=Pvt Merkel]5 months ago that was wearing BDU's with Cpt rank on[/QUOTE]

            Unless this guy was Air Force; didnt he get the memo on the uniform change?


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              Thats what I was wondering too lol. Thats originally why I sat next to him at the bar in the restaurant and started up a convo after hearing his so called war stories.Guess no one told him Call Of Duty 4 didn't constitute as Military service.


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                [QUOTE=WO1 Quinones]lol phantom but I bet it was true. nice to see you tell a lady "welcome man" lol[/QUOTE]

                Never said they were a male or female, just married with kids.. ha ha


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                  I think this guy was lying

                  My faker experience happened in the mid 90s when I was working on Wall Street. I was 100 percent civvie at the time and had a do like Prince. I was doing first level desktop support for Merrill Lynch and the company was huge. Each floor was like a football field in length and two stories high and the trading floor seemed endless. There was an endless sea of techs since this was the fat 90s.

                  I use to see this tech that seem more like a lady's man because he always seem to want to troubleshoot the fine secretaries (admin asst) desktops than the old VP ones. I was taking a break on my rounds and watching him fix an ''issue''. He started talking to the secretary about his military service and how much he misses it. The minute I heard him say that; I asked him where he served.
                  "I was in the USMC" he said. I said "oh really?". What was your rank? "hmm 3 up and 1 down". "oh you were a staff sergeant". This guy looked about 22 and to hit staff with 5 years in the Corps means you are doing everything right.

                  I continued, "I have a cousin in the corps, he was in Platoon 3058 (my platoon) on the island, what was your platoon number at boot?" "oh, I forgot""

                  You have 80 year old former marines that remember their platoon numbers. that is something you never forget. its like the marines corps birthday.

                  Anyway, I was going to ask his MOS but then he continued....

                  this part is what I remember what he said.

                  "I had to get out. It was unbearable. My buddy and I was on a helicopter and we were getting ready to come down on ropes. As my buddy was about to slide down, he slipped and fell down. I was screaming. I yelled to the the pilot to lower the helicopter. the pilot started to call for help. I ran over to my buddy. I saw he was a mess. Blood was out of his mouth and he looked paralyzed. With the helicopter noise so loud he had whispered in my ear that he didnt want to stay a marine in this condition so I had no choice.
                  I put my hands around his neck and snapped it; putting him out of his misery"

                  The secretary reached for a tissue

                  I gave him a disgusted look and walked away...........
                  Last edited by WO1 Quinones; September 9th, 2008, 10:00 AM.


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                    [QUOTE=Phantom]Never said they were a male or female, just married with kids.. ha ha[/QUOTE]

                    oh this was the army/navy store at greenwich village lol.

                    we had an WOC candidate that was extremely feminine for a guy but he proved his cover by having his wife and kid show up at the graduation.


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                      wtf? Who snaps their battle buddies neck when help is right there lmao.What a douche bag that guy must of been.I don't know how you just did not lay him out right their on the spot.


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                        I was a nice guy back then just trying to live the corporate lifestyle. didnt like to pull peoples cards. I think my beeper went off at that time to so I had to respond to another call lol. But I can close my eyes now and picture that moment in time. Weird, I think it was in 93/94.


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                          Well Sir, good job keeping your cool.


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                            Yah, I took their money.. But guns and ammo is all I ever sold!! LOL
                            Thank you for the welcome! I have wanted to join the military for a long time. But with young kids, I made my choice to stay home. Now that my kids are older I am going to go ahead and do it. Is 36 years old going to be a big deal? I'm fit enough (6' 160 pounds, zero fat) so no big worries there.
                            But to tell you all the truth my stomic is full of vomiting butterflys at the thought of boot camp with a bunch of 19-20yr olds! How does that usually pan out?
                            Thank you all again!


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                              Best poser ever punked out:


                              Meet PFC Mike Chabot. Apparently the youngest ever Special Forces Sniper (from 3rd ACR, hence the crest, and I guess SF ran out of actual sniper rifles, so he had to bring his own...). In reality, a 3rd ACR Trooper who was caught with the assistance of several online forums and reported to his chain of command. The Fort Morgan Times of Fort Morgan Colorado broke the story of their hometown "hero," curtesy of his father :rolleyes:, and upon notification from many military members as to the dubious nature of the story actual did some research and determined it was fake. Apparently the kid got a maxed out field grade Art 15, and was required to write a formal apology to 10th Special Forces Group.

                              Apparently someone made the kid come clean, because the paper printed this retraction:
                              [QUOTE]Chabot retracts his statements

                              By ROB JENKINS
                              Times Staff Writer

                              Fort Morgan resident and Army soldier Michael Chabot has retracted his statements to "take back information" regarding a Dec. 6 article "'Always outnumbered, never outgunned' M. Chabot: Green Beret Sniper" printed in The Times.

                              Chabot, who contacted the Times this morning from his post in Fort Carson along with two superior officers, retracted his statements for "command and safety purposes."

                              Chabot further stated that he was "under UCJ for falsifying qualifications."

                              First Sgt. Hernando Peņa, representing Fort Carson command, added that "U.S. Special Forces are an elite group and an awesome set of gentlemen. It takes a lot to get where they're at. It is no easy feat."[/QUOTE]


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                                lol, how come 99% of the army fakers are all SF.. Atleast pick something that wont make you stand out. We had to do a funeral for a E2 that died in country, and when we got to the church and were given the funeral program with his picture and stuff on it, it was a picture of him with a 1st cav unit patch, and a maroon beret..

                                Now since we were all wearing maroon beret's and he was faking one in the picture, all his friends and stuff were talking to us about the whole airborne stuff and we were just like "yeah..." Didn't really wanna call the kid out at his funeral, ya know?