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So what's with this picture??

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    [QUOTE=shutterm4]PS. All armor units train at Fort Knox. So there are marines and the army in the same DFAC.[/QUOTE]
    Not disputing that; I went to MP school and Marines go to LeonardWood as well for that and 88M school. the poster said IET not AIT. I know some schools are joint. The poster was referring to carrying weapons around 24/7 in IET but that isnt the case in AIT, right? Anyway, when you go downrange, you will see what I am talking about. I been to numerous chowhalls downrange and they basically look like this unless you in a combat outpost where its not that nice. But if you enlarge the pic; you will see cooler units that have can sodas and juices in it and also a soldier with the old DCUs on and a female with a shoulder holster (which I carried) and I highly doubt that there are IET trainees carrying shoulder holsters/9mm in basic training lol. There are alot of older cats in the pic as well; some in civilian gear. Who are these people in the IET DFAC? Basic DFACs just have trainees locked up at Parade Rest against each side of the DFAC or some are even high crawling around lol. Wow, not even one DS with a campaign cover in the pic lol


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      We did carry M16 24/7 in Ait about five days prior to FTX and a few days afterwards. We did have people in civilian clothes, and other branches in Bct, however, it was very rare. To me IET is any person who is not qualified to do anything, hence initial training....I include Ait if not MOSQ (first Ait attended) with that because its...well your initial training. lol But I'm willing to let this one go. Doesnt really matter, was just a question and its been answered, no one knows definetely. I do have to admit I did not look at the larger version of the picture so I did not see any side arms.

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        [QUOTE=WIBecky74] I do have to admit I did not look at the larger version of the picture and see any side arms.[/QUOTE]

        Hooah! other blogs in relation to that pic

        Jimmy Wu said...

        That is the good ol' DFAC3 of Al Asad. You know, the one that got burned down due to the fridge catching on fire? :)


        Just because people joke around here, doesn't mean that they don't take this whole "purple" stuff seriously. I'm sure we all love our comrades in arms. But you've got to admit, sometimes the brass just makes it too easy for us. Like that whole black beret thing.

        Anonymous said...
        Just an FYI:

        I know this soldier personally.

        He was in IRR before getting deployed.

        In fact, this is his second deployment.

        He's on disability, has won multiple awards and frankly, just had a difficult time adjusting to things when he got back home.

        So, what we've got here is a classic case of someone, who doesn't deserve the title of "Marine," of being an *******.

        The persons who took this photo, the stupid *** officer in photo have got something coming.

        You're a disgrace to the uniform.

        I would so freaking your asses but I'd rather see you get kicked out, rank and pay reduction, then sued and then I'll probably let you taste the dirt off of my boots.

        Remember, the man in the photo has been on multiple deployments and was in fact in the IRR - lived up to his contract and came over.

        You're not a Marine... you're just a sorry sorry soul.

        June 12, 2008 6:22 AM

        Soldiernolongeriniraq said...
        Well, I figured out that the officer in the photo is CPT Alex Wilschke, who got his commission out of OCS in 2002.

        At the risk of continuing the REMF/Pogue/Fobbit hate already suggested by Abu M, I can't quite place the DFAC (I'm thinking TQ), but it's been my experience in OIF that swank places to get grub like that tend to have a lot of poguey pogues together, regardless of service.

        Heck, it might even be Kuwait.

        We had no DFACs during the invasion and afterwards. In my second tour, my unit didn't have a DFAC at my very rugged digs (or hot meals, or hot water or heat or for most of my deployment electricity except what the neighborhood got from Iraqi Power & Light).

        We also didn't have anyone there who didn't have a MOS belonging to an infantryman or a medic.

        While there might be the suggestion that CPT Wilschke is "strong," I'd like to know his MOS first.

        He might have more in common with the tubby Soldier than we do.

        May 23, 2008 11:41 AM

        Thursday, May 22, 2008
        Army Strong
        Do you ever wonder why the U.S. Marine Corps consistently out-performs the U.S. Army -- not to mention the other two services -- with respect to recruiting? Abu Muqawama doesn't. Because although the Army has a lot of high-speed units whose pedigree and exclusivity outshine anything the U.S. Marine Corps has to offer, just being a Marine carries with it a cache of its own. And even if you're a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment or the Special Forces or the Units Whose Names We Dare Not Speak, you still belong to the same tribe as a bunch of overweight service support soldiers held to a lower standard than most high school athletes. This is why a certain retired Marine colonel has been known to introduce Abu Muqawama with "This is _______. He used to be in one of the Army's high-speed units. Which is a lot like coming in first at the Special Olympics."

        At least we don't sew our names onto our asses. (Who is meant to read that?) But the big difference between the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marines is that just being a Marine is to be a member of an elite group. How can soldiers feel the same way when they see such low standards all around them? Maybe we should give them all black berets. Oh...

        Soldiernolongeriniraq said...
        Until Commandant Gray saw the cheesy Army nametapes in Desert Storm, we didn't have our names at all on our uniforms, *** or otherwise, unless you did sea duty and had your name stenciled (with boot polish) on your back.

        This was in case you washed overboard. Or that's why they told us.

        When I got to the Army later in life, I was flummoxed to receive that candy-assed, pissant beret. Having as a Marine gone through certain schools and training that actually gave Soldiers that sort of head gear upon their joining those units (which, alas, I couldn't wear, being a Marine), I thought it was kind of crappy for Big Army to make everyone "special" with the gesture.

        I will never get used to spurs on scouts and all the other weird aspects of the Army's martial culture, but I understand why they're necessary to unit esprit de corps.

        Also, don't believe the crap about "every Marine a rifleman," blah blah blah blah. No real 0311 buys the horsesh-- that the pogue truck driver is his match in a firefight or that a gaggle of cooks will have his back while room clearing.

        I was an 0311 and I'll speak for my brothers on that one.

        Having now served a long time in the Army infantry, too, I would say that your typical Ranger battalion is a lot like your typical Marine line battalion. A typical USMC battalion is still tougher and better trained than a typical USA light or mechanized infantry unit, but their missions also are different.

        There are a lot of reasons why the USA doesn't recruit as well as the USMC, and peddling a certain consumable mythos might be part of it, but it isn't the whole story. A lot of our problems are self-inflicted.

        Soldiernolongeriniraq said...
        Wow, I just took a hard look at that photo. You know you're one fat SOB when your burger overlaps your PT belt.

        Where does he wear that on the LSA? To the Burger King?

        That was another thing I discovered upon entering the Army. I was a PT stud in the USMC, but there was a universal level of high physical fitness in the line companies. You got fat kids, but they at least could do the requisite number of pull ups, sit ups and hang on the runs, or we'd basically haze them out of the Corps.

        I know, I know, Charlie. We were bad. Like the enemy was going to be any easier on their fat asses.

        But the Army just seemed to give up. It wasn't just that the APFT runs were shorter, the sit up requirements lowered, the pull-ups easier to perform than dead hangs (they outlawed "kipping" in the USMC), but that there was less of a cult of fitness that we had in the USMC.

        This didn't prove to be true in all units, or even most units, but the CS and CSS gangs I saw tended to be on the flabbier side than what I found in the USMC.

        The recruitment and retention problems in the USA haven't helped this.
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            FYI...I was an Air Force Cook, TDY to FT Benning GA, and served AF, ARMY, and Marine GENERALS


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              lmao Unless I have a question or a rare answer for someone, thats my response from now on. My tongue is bleeding. :)


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                Yea well you no...those Marines, Inf, Cav Scouts, SF, MPs, Armor, are all Hooah Hooah Hooah, but nobody moves a mussle, untill somebody EATS!!!


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                  I'm not even running for cover anymore. But umm INCOMING!!


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                    ****, if it wasnt photoshopped then it was DEFINATELY taken at the DFAC in Bucca.


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                      just a snarl on a slogan; so we need to find one to goof on "THE FEW, THE PROUD....."


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                        [QUOTE=WO1 Quinones]just a snarl on a slogan; so we need to find one to goof on "THE FEW, THE PROUD....."[/QUOTE]

                        I got one how about "THE WORLDS FINEST".....that always gets them.


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                          [QUOTE=SPC Ski]Yea well you no...those Marines, Inf, Cav Scouts, SF, MPs, Armor, are all Hooah Hooah Hooah, but nobody moves a mussle, untill somebody EATS!!![/QUOTE]

                          I guess you didn't get the word, you've been replaced. Let me introduce you to your replacement... Hey KBR, I want you to meet somebody!


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                            [QUOTE=CPT Burritt]I guess you didn't get the word, you've been replaced. Let me introduce you to your replacement... Hey KBR, I want you to meet somebody![/QUOTE]

                            And later,

                            "Welcome to your new post, ECP #20. Where's your ROE card? I hope you know how to use this .50 cal."


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                              [QUOTE=Ranger 523]And later,

                              "Welcome to your new post, ECP #20. Where's your ROE card? I hope you know how to use this .50 cal."[/QUOTE]

                              "Hey, do you have a HMMWV license? Good, we've got a run to Abu to pick up 40 to transport to Bucca. Shouldn't take more than a coupl'a days. Report to the convoy commander and tell em you're a shooter."


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                                Re: So what's with this picture??


                                He's BAack!!!