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68W in an MP unit

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  • 68W in an MP unit

    So I am supposed to be enlisting in the ARNG as soon as I lose a little more weight, I can make the run the 1-1-1 to go to basic, just need to lose the weight so I can go to meps....So hopefully enlisting in the next month maybe month and a half. Anyway, I was approved for 68W and the job the recruiter has reserved is in an MP unit. I have a couple questions so far.

    1) The only thing that worries me about AIT is the needles, I don't mind having my blood taken, but I know I will be using needles on others.. So what if I put in a needle to far? I like the idea of helping others and helping to save lives:) , but how do other 68W's deal with knowing they might mess up?:(

    2) I hear ppl say often that you are a soldier first and your MOS is second. So being in an MP unit what exactly would my duties be?

    3) I have also been thinking about the new enlistment option the army/guard is offering called Active first. you enlist in the active army for X years and then the guard for the same X years. bonus is up to $60, 000. If I did that would that make it easier to get promoted when i go to the guard? and can I enlist as active then guard for OCS?

    4) What do medics do when there is not wounded soldiers? in guard and active.

    Any insight or answers to these questions would be helpful.


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    I would concentrate on losing the weight, getting into shape, and being "basic Q" to even join the ARNG. You have the challenge of BCT 9 weeks to complete first, let alone going to Fort Sam to be a 68W Health care specialist. Alot of what if's? Well; What if you make it through basic (some do some don't) and go on to Ft Sam for AIT? Trust me, you'll get plenty of practice poking oranges, and fellow students with needles. You should be a pro at it by the time you leave San Antonio. It is no mountain for a hill climber! Remember DS loves fat bodies :p . Lose the weight and then lose some more!...Get into shape, study your BCT check list, and be able to pass apft before you ship.... not just the minimum 1-1-1! Just think when the DS smokes you for the first time! You'll wish you were in better shape! Get some....Hooah!
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      You'll be sticking needles during BCT, before AIT, most likely. I was like you in that I have no problems getting stuck but worried about hurting someone else. It's actually not that hard as long as you follow directions. Once you do it you'll get over any fears or concerns you may have had and probably want to do it some more.

      It seems that you are concerned about having to perform combat duties. You are a medic (I'm an MP btw) so why would you think you'd be in a turret or kicking down a door?


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        It seems that you are concerned about having to perform combat duties. You are a medic (I'm an MP btw) so why would you think you'd be in a turret or kicking down a door?[/QUOTE]

        The combat medic badge exists for a reason. There are many artillery and MP units performing infantry roles out there.

        Knowledge and training is power. Expect the unexpected in this day and age.


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          I actually wanted to be an MP but because of my ex i had to file bankruptsy, I was told that I wouldn't qualify for a security clearance for mp on inital enlistment but if I were to reclass or re enlist I shouldn't have a problem...I guess more like proving myself or something.....I would actually like to also perform combat duties....
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            answers from someone who knows

            I am an officer in the National Guard, and I also spent 4 years active duty as a 68W. Actually I was a 68WM6. I am also a registered nurse.

            Don't worry about giving shots. You use certain length needle for certain muscles. Just squeeze the muscle you are injecting to create space and you can't go too far. There is nothing to it. You will learn

            Soldier first just means that everyone is a soldier despite their job. You can't say I am a medic so I don't have to do that. In an MP unit you will be the Doc. They ask you about their minor foot blisters, or other medical stuff that you probably won't know the answer to, but you will learn. As long as you are not deployed you will just do whatever your unit does when you drill each month. Ask one of thier medics what they do.

            Active first is a good option, especialy because of the bonuses and college money. Take advantage of it. You will proceed in rank just like everyone else. It will not get you promoted faster when you get back to the guard. In fact, you will only get promoted as far as the slots available at your unit.

            As far as commissioning goes, you can get a commission when you get back to the Guard after being active. You will probably come back enlisted and then put in a commissioning packet. You must have enough college credits to do it, but if you obtain your ADN RN degree, there is much more money for you to collect.

            You are on the right track. Just get into the best shape you can before basic and they will make you do the rest. Believe me when I say you have more to learn before you ever have to give shots. Just pay attention