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What happens at drill?

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  • What happens at drill?

    So I was wondering, if I am lucky enough to be able to join, what happens at drill for an 11b? What is a typical weekend like? Can you go more than one weekend a month?

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    I've always wanted to find out how drill is too..would you say they are typically comparable to 2 random RA days?


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      Well i am goin to drill this weekend (21st and 22nd) and would be happy to tellyou when i get back. my MOS s 19D. Calv. Scout but from what i here it is pretty laid back. First time theres alot of book work and then you have to do ur test.. running pushups situps that kinda thing..itz al timed
      hope that helped alittle


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        Typical drill for 11B

        This is an example of what a typical drill weekend might be like for an 11B (Infantryman):

        0700: First Formation
        0730: Prepare for movement
        0800: draw weapons
        0830: 5 mile road march to training site
        0930: conduct battle drill 2: react to contact
        1000: conduct battle drill 3: break contact
        1100: conduct battle drill 4: react to ambush
        1200: Lunch (MRE)
        1300: 2 mile road march to MOUT site
        1345: rehearse battle drill 6: enter building/clear room
        1430: conduct battle drill 6: enter building/clear room
        1630: movement to bivoac site
        1700: prep for defense / establish defensive positions / range cards
        1830: drop down to 50% security for chow (MRE)
        2000: conduct defense
        2130: sleep in defensive positions / security per SOP
        0530: first call / stand-to / personal hygine
        0630: movement to collection point
        0730: breakfast (hot field chow)
        0830: Road march back to the company area
        1000: arrive at company area / clean weapons
        1130: lunch (hot lunch in the chow hall)
        1300: after action review (AAR)
        1400: leader's meeting
        1500: final formation

        This is an action-packed drill but not uncommon for an 11B. I have done a routine like this dozens of times throughout my time as an infantryman. By the end of drill you feel tired, and sore, but strangely satisfied. It's hard to explain the love/hate an infantry soldier has with is job. Somewhere in the middle of a road march or at 3:30 am while trying to fall back asleep under a poncho, I often have wondered why I love being in the Infantry so much. I guess when it comes down to it, every other branch in the Army is there to support the Infantry, and being the backbone of the Army hurts sometimes, but it is the most important job you will ever have in your life.


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          Dear God in Heaven, please let the doctors at MEPS in Albany, New York allow me to go to training. I would be so happy to join the National Guard and would for the rest of my days bear true faith and allegiance to the US Constitution, the Army, my Unit and all other Soldiers. I would fulfill my obligations. I promise to treat people as they should be treated. I will always put the welfare of the Nation, the Army, and my subordinates before my own. I promise to live up to all of the Army Values. I will do what's right legally and morally. And, witithout a doubt, I will face fear, danger or adversity.

          It has been about 6 weeks now that I have been waiting to find out if the doctors in MEPS will see me or not. My recruiter said that we should have found out about 2 weeks ago but it still hasn't happened.

          Your description of a drill weekend sounds better that I could have ever imagined! Oh, I hope I can join!


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            drill for me as 92A

            0800-1630 count parts
            1630-0200 drink beer

            0700-1400 count parts


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              week long 11B

              Well I just transfered over after a 2 yr break in service between mil police and infantry. I went to the post today and heard that we might be doing a 1 week long drill. What does this normally intail.
              Thank you...