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correspondence courses/promotion points

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  • correspondence courses/promotion points

    If anyone knows the answer could you give me a little info?
    I heard something new this weekend as is the case with each weekend I go away. Correspondence courses will get me promotion points.
    How do I find these courses I have done some searching with no results found yet.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I wonder if they were refering to college correspondence courses. I know for a fact 37 (not sure on the minimum amount of credits needed for the E-@ promotion) credits gets you a promotion to E-2, and 60 credits is another cut-off that gets you a promotion. Most colleges now offer correspondence courses as opposed to physically sitting in a classroom.


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      Go to the following website:


      Once you get to the site register for the Army Correspondance Course Program (ACCP). The registration will eventually take you to the actual ACCP site where you can browse and enroll in corrspondance courses once you're a registered member. Let me know if you have any problems getting there.

      P.S. - You must have an AKO account to be able to register for ACCP.


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        ATSC Web Server Error 404

        I got this message when checking out the link you provided.

        I will be leaving for basic in 10 days and will check back on the ACCP.
        I am hoping new avenues of opportunity open for me, hence my reason for joining. I have loved the last 4 months for the weekends I have been in. I feel like I belong in this environment I wish I had been able to join earlier in my life, I look at all the younger kids (which I beat in the pt aspect :) ) each weekend and think to myself how lucky they are to have gotten an early start. So many of them are immature and silly at the weekend drills and I do not really fit in with them, but I get respect due to my age first but then when I am first in the mile they have an added amount of respect because I am in better shape then they are.. at the moment.
        I'd really like to hang out with the Sargents, age wise I fit in with them but rank and experience I am far short so I am stuck in the middle of nowhere my goal is just to absorb as much as possible as fast as possible to catch up to an acceptable position that I am comfortable in.


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          I will be looking to go from E-4 to E-5 as fast as I can


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            Army Correspondence Course

            Here is the link, a bit modified so that you can hopefully have some luck.


            Again, as stated above, you need to register first and you need to have your AKO account to register. The website should be around for a long time. I've been taking courses on there for over 4 or 5 years and I have about 250 hours completed which is worth about 50 promotion points. I believe you get one promotion point for every 5 hours completed. In order to receive these points, you will need to turn in a print out of your course history from the website whenever your unit does their 4100's (which I believe is around January of each year armywide). The courses are available to take at your convenience. You will be given the material to read and review and then the link for the test is there whenever you want to take the test. You must score 70% or higher on a test in order to receive credit. Some tests for some subjects are long and will take a lot of time while others may be very short and take no more than 10 minutes to finish. You can save a test in progress as long as you return and complete it within 10 days. All tests may be taken as "open book"; that is, while the test is open in one window, you may have the reference material open in another window. Many army tests anywhere you go are given this way and are a way of measuring your ability to reference material well and within a certain time period. If you should fail a test, you will be given a chance to retake it. All courses are valid for one year from the time you enroll in that particular course. Once the year expires and you have not taken and passed the course, it will be noted on the course history that "Student Failed to Meet Course Requirements." This means that you will not receive any credit for the course taken. You may re-enroll in the course in an effort to receive a passing grade. Subcourses are individual classes and courses are a group of related subcourses that may be required for some MOS's. You may enroll in both subcourses and courses. I hope that this helps with everything.