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question about national guard active duty.

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  • question about national guard active duty.

    I heard you can be active duty in national guard.

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    I believe it depends on what you want to do, your rank, your chain of command, and the Guards needs.
    You might be able to get an AGR position. Talk to your chain of command.
    If they are worth their salt they will help you out within their constraints.:)


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      Just a little more explanation

      There are several types of active duty in the National Guard. Here's a brief rundown of the differences:

      IADT (Initial Active Duty for Training) - This includes Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT)

      ADT (Active Duty for Training) - This includes any additional resident courses that you may take after AIT (ie: Airborne, Air Assault, NCO Schools, MOSQ Courses, ect)

      AT (Annual Training) - This yearly training is typically 15 days but can be up to 30 days depending on the training to be done. It can be just a couple of weeks in the Armory, working with other units to conduct joint training, or even an overseas training mission. ATs depend on the type of unit you are assigned to and the funding available for training in your state.

      ADSW (Active Duty for Special Work) - This is a state funded active duty for special assignments. Orders are temporary and for a specified period of time. Duties can range from assisting with recruiting to working with your unit to accomplish a specific duty. The length of the orders varries.

      AGR (Active Guard Reserve or Title 32) - This is a full-time permanent job with the National Guard. Most of the time, there is a vaccancy posted, and you must apply for it and often interview for the position. The posting often specifies a specific MOS and/or rank that the position requires.

      Tech (Military Technician or Dual Status Mil-Tech) - Is usually a GS scale position or similar pay scale position separate from your traditional Guard (M-day) position. During the work week, you are paid as a technician (civilian pay) and you also may attend Drill weekends, and get paid for that as well. Technician pay does not include housing allowance like other Active Duty positions.

      Title 10 Activation (Federal Active Duty) - This is the status when you are activated for a federal mission. This includes deployments under Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF - Afghanistan), Border Security missions, and similar activations. This time counts as federal active service exactly the same as Active Duty Army.

      Hopefully, this helps clear things up.


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        AGR or active guard and reserves is the active duty for the National guard in each state, you just have to apply to each posistion in your state or others . All recruiters are AGR, so if you are a E4 or higher come try it out and have fun.


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          Tech (Military Technician or Dual Status Mil-Tech)

          Can anyone tell me what a Chief Master Sergeant USAF Reserve Tech (Military Technician or Dual Status Mil-Tech), which goes to work every day in duty uniform, and makes every drill with over 16 years of service makes a month? thanks in advance