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    [FONT="Georgia"][COLOR="Orange"][B]My boyfriend is leaving for basic in August. I've been reading about writing letters to family/friends/etc while at basic. One thing that seems to be consistent is not to keep saying how much you miss them or how hard it is, I can understand why. My question though is what some of the thins that you've said to loved ones or that you've heard from loved ones that rally gave that extra boost at Basic. I worry that I'm going to slip in to the less supportive when I'm writing and I don't want to do that. I support him in all of this and want to give him that extra boost he needs in basic when I write. So, any comments that were specifically helpful. Also, if there was something that was especially unhelpful or made it worse, I'd like to know that too so that I can avoid that as much as possible.

    Thanks [/B][/COLOR][/FONT]

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    I just recently was able to start writing letters to my boyfriend at Benning. It only took 2 weeks for us to communicate, but now that we can, I am so happy. In the few letters I've written him so far, I have said I miss you. I think its honest and I don't think it really affects them. Saying I miss you and see you when you at graduation gives them something to look forward to. Make sure you ask him how he's doing and if he is having some fun. My boyfriend was given a M-16 on his 4th day at basic and was ecstatic. Ask him if he's gotten to do anything fun or if it's boring, fun, stupid, etc. Also, don't forget to write about you too. Tell him what you've been doing since his departure and what your summer plans are. Knowing that you're not sitting at home crying and sad will make him feel better and the days goes by faster. Write letters as much as you can, he'll need it. Don't be upset if he doesnt write you as much as you write him. But when you write him a letter. his face will light up just as yours does when you get a letter from him.


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      Letters during Basic

      My son recently graduated from Fort Benning. In the beginning you will have to wait for a letter with his mailing address on it so that you can address the mail in a way that he receives it. Depending on how long he is in "reception" this may take a few weeks.

      Request that he date the letters he sends you and likewise do the same. I typed my letters on my computer and saved them so that I could look back and see the questions I asked him that he would be answering.

      I am not sure about other basic training sites but the Fort Benning one has a spot that has a sample diary from a recruit that I found helpful, it went through what they did on a daily basis and as long as you know which week he was in you could keep track of where he is in his training.

      Keep your letters upbeat but truthful. Admit that you miss him, just don't go on about crying all day long (and there may be days that you do just that) he needs to know how very proud of him you are along with everyone else. Tell him about your day and any local news that may interest him. Jokes are always welcome.

      Don't send him anything that may get him in trouble, pictures are okay but no food items. You will catch on to as you go along as to what is okay and what isn't.

      Write to him as often as possible but be ready to go for days without any news from him. They are very busy and they belong to their Drill Sargents. I wrote to my son every day. He was able to write every week, just not every day.

      A letter you send him on Monday may get to him by Thursday and your reply to that may get to him by the following Tuesday so there is a lag. Legal holidays delay the mail a little longer.

      I hope I was helpful!


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        [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Thanks. Any other hints/suggestions about him leaving or him at basic, I woudl appreciate. I feel like I'm going in to this blind. He'll come back from his weekend things and start going in to all of this terminology. I've started doing a bunch of reading and research to not feel so lost, but i still don't entirely know what to expect. Thanks again. [/COLOR]


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          That was very helpful. Thanks. As I replied to one just a few minutes ago, I just feel like i'm going in to this so blind and lost. Thanks for the advice.

          Is you son writing back on just like basic lined paper? Is that what most of the guys are using? I used to work at a paper products place and was debating getting my boyfriend Personalized stationary with his name and all that, but A) Can they use this B) would it be useful?

          I was also debating pre-typing up a whole bunch of address labels with his parents, his aunts, his friends, and my address and stuff. I don't know if they can use this either. I also am wondering if this would make it easier for him since he won't have to take an address book or remember any of them. I think my mom used to do this when I went to camp when I was like 10 or so.

          Any hints/suggestions/comments on this would be greatly appreciated.


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            One more question on this. Towards the end, did you just stop writing. Since there is no guarantee how long it takes to get there, do you write in the last few days or just stop since they may not get there before he leaves. When they switch and go to AIT, obviously the address changes, but would mail be forwarded if it got sent while they were at basic or do they just go away.


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              reply to the one under me

              Hey i had a feince in the army and he went infantry and we just had got engraged and everything and i know its hard and i know u support him. Just let him know that you know he can do and that it may be tough biut in the end he comes out stronger in more ways then 1. in my case my ex feince now but at the time we were together his grandfather past away and he wanted to stay so bad but he wanted to come home to cause his grandmother was having a hard time. I told him to do what he thought was the best and if that was to stay there and be all the man that he can then to do it. I was here for his grandma and that i supported him in what ever he did. i hope that this helpped u and if u wanna email me u can my email is [email][/email]