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need to know about RSP

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  • need to know about RSP

    Hi my name is tommy I am 19 I have been swarn in and I need to know what to bring to RSP next weekend I have little knowledge about it. I was also woundering if I got paid im an E1 right now, if so how much? Thanx

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    really all you need is and over night bag- tshirt, shorts or pants, tennis shoes, change of socks, change of underwear, towel, washcloth, soap shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste and anything else along those lines. most people i go to RSP with like to bring their own pillow because the pillows they give us are really flat.


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      My RSP is about 45 minutes away and I didnt have to stay overnight until next month because people come on saturdays but not on sundays.

      As an E1 you'll get paid probably 90-120...depends on what you do with your money (SGLI, TSP, etc). As an E2 I get paid around 130 with SGLI as 150,000 (dont ask why) and $11 into TSP.

      If you havent been to basic, im sure it will be fun half the day and boring the other half. Just stick it, remember to call your NCO "sergeant" not "sir" and you'll be fine. Good pay for just a weekend!


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        change of clothes needed

        Bring two changes of comfortable clothes and your own sleeping gear (the sleeping gear they provide you is usually grodie). When I went to RSP for the first time I brought only one change of clothes, night clothes and sleeping bag. That was a mistake. We did PT and had to shower and change into new clothes on the first day. So the next day I had no clean clothes to wear, only dirty, and the NCO's didn't really like that. Hopefully for you, you will be issued a PT uniform (just a full wind suite and two shirts). The civillian clothes you bring will really need to be comfortable, because you will sit in a classroom 80% of the time for the first few drills.

        Hope this helps you, good luck and don't stress!


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          I don't intend on scaring anyone, but I went to RSP drill this past weekend, yesterday I came home, and I AM SO SORE I COULD CRY! We got smoked like you couldn't believe and ran ran ran! To my surprise I ran my 1 mile APFT in less time than at home. I also passed the push and sit ups on my APFT. As if doing the APFT and being smoked wasn't enough, the very next morning at 6:15am we went on an at least 1.5 mile run then got smoked a lot more.
          During the run I said the famous quote "wtf did I get myself into?" and almost wanted to just run away and go home. The thing that gets me through is at 27 yrs old, and a mother of 2 girls, i'm finally able to live my childhood dream, and deep down I knew it wasn't going to be a pic-nic. So I know what I have to work on, and I know what to work on for the smokings as far as exercise is concerned, flutter kicks, jumpin jacks, run in place, field jumps/kicks, sit ups without ankle holders, push ups and a couple others I don't remember the names of. I guess i'm just looking for some support or advice, to see that i'm not the only that is feeling this way physically and emotionally.:(


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            At our RSP you check in Friday night and you don't leave until Sunday morning. Be ready for PT, because thats pretty much guaranteed. At ours, in first and second squad, you just wear PT uniforms all day. The havent issued us anything, so black shorts and a white t-shirt. You need a couple pairs, and i recommend some sweats in case you get cold at night.


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              Don't worry Nikki, some days it's just going to suck. Just keep a postitive attitude no matter what happens. Last month we pushed every 10 minutes or so just because the Sgt. felt like making us drop. It sucked, but I just kept telling myself it'll help in the long run, and it seemed to go by a little quicker.

              I'm guessing you haven't been to BCT yet? If not, it'll get harder when you go, but it's not going to be nearly as bad when you finish. It's definitely worth it.

              Not much else to add from what everyone else said, just keep a positive attitude towards everything and you'll be just fine :)

              Oh, and as an E-1, it's roughtly $160 before taxes. I get about $25 removed from taxes, and then of course my SGLI.