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Height & Weight Requirement for RSP

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  • Height & Weight Requirement for RSP

    Please advise if when entering the RSP program, you need to meet the height and weight requirement for enlistment into the National Guard.

    My 19 year old daughter is interested in entering, but is about 6 - 8 lbs over weight requirements. Taking steps to lose, but getting frustrated. Has strong desire to enter and feelis like dream is not within reach. I felt that if she could enter under the RSP program, this would get her to the point she needs to be for basic training.

    Recruiters have not been of help to her, promise to help, but needs support group to reach her goal.

    Any suggestions, her initial plan was to enter the Navy, but has a stong desire to serve and meet her educational goals and dreams trough the armed services.

    Please advise, so I can pass the word on.

    Possible new Recruiters Mom

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    I would try over on

    Support group for diets Maybe ask them what type would be best to drop 8 pounds fast. Tell them what type of foods she likes to eat more ,carbs,fruits,surgars, meats?
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      Height and Weight

      I see your problem. What i would do is see if their are any contest that she can enter. I am 14 and want to stay in shape. I run everyday. I hate it. But my motivation is the races i an in. But don't get me wrong. They aren't the boston marathon. These are just 3-5 mile races. Sometimes diets aren't always the answer. I hope this helps.


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        Height and weight may be a problem...but if she cna pass the tape test ( were they take measurements) she should be a bit over weight as well for the requeriments but I passed the Tape test and enlisted just this last friday...I belive I will end up going to RSP next weekend ( not sure have to talk to my recuriter about it.) I mean if shes only 8lbs over weight am not sure that it really would matter


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          If you are looking for a support group, I would try to find something that is available locally, by doing so the amount of physical activity is increased - even if that is just travelling from one place to another. Also it is easier to workout/train with live faces than Internet screen names. As well, time spent sitting in front of the computer can be nothing more than idle time.

          Talk to recruiters about the possibility of your daughter meeting with other recruits to try to do a local workout plan and be a support group. As a mother you can help facilitate this if the recruiter, who has the best of intentions but limited time in many cases - aside from that you have shown a great interest in your daughter's goal, and that is support you just can't buy...


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            See Chapter 2, Army Regulation 40-501

            It shows all of the medical (including ht & wt) pre-requirements for Entrance into the ARNG.

            Chapter 2 is for procurement only.

            Do a Google search you will find it.