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Real Age requirement

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  • Real Age requirement

    Heard that the age requirement will change to 17 to 43 is that true???

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    The minimum age of enlistment is 18 (17 with parent's signature), and the maximum age is 41. That means that you must [U]swear in[/U] no later than the day prior to your 42d birthday. It'll take at least a week to get to that point, and probably longer, after speaking to a Recruiter, so don't wait until the day before your birthday to pick up the phone.


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      You can already enlist at 17 as long as your parents sign the release form. 42 is the non-prior service cutoff age, but there are occasionally waivers granted for various reasons, and prior service people can re-up past the cutoff.


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        according to your website you can join at age 42, see below

        Most people between the ages of 17 and 42 qualify to join the Guard, and you probably do too. However, we do have a few strict guidelines. Read on to find out whether you're in the running.


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          Please help me out, can I join at 42? Not that I plan on waiting just that I have other loose ends to tie before taking the leap step.....


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            [QUOTE=Chap]Please help me out, can I join at 42? Not that I plan on waiting just that I have other loose ends to tie before taking the leap step.....[/QUOTE]

            NGR 600-200, para 2-3a: [I]Applicants are eligible for enlistment if they are -
            (1) 18 years of age and less than 42 years of age. NPS personnel enlisting under this policy must ship onto IADT on or before their 42nd birthday.[/I]

            Allow several weeks for processing time, so don't show up to the recruiter's office on the day before your birthday. These things never get easier with time, so contact your recruiter today.


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              that really helps, thank you!


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                Found it!

                23. Age
                a. Applicant is eligible for enlistment if applicant is not less than 18 years of age and has not reached his or her
                42nd birthday, or is not less than 17 years of age and has not reached their 18th birthday and the DD Form 1966
                parental/guardian consent for enlistment has been completed. All NPS Regular Army and RC applicants must enlist
                and ship prior to their 42nd birthday and be eligible for regular or non-regular retirement by age 62.


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                  Re: Real Age requirement

                  yapsssssss 17 is ture but i didnt know abt above 45


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                    Re: Real Age requirement

                    ATTACK OF THE DEAD POST!!!! almost 3 years old


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                      Re: Real Age requirement

                      I do not want there to be any miscommunication on the web about age restriction in the National Guard for special branches.

                      For the special branches: chaplain, attorney/JAG, & AMEDD/healthcare professionals, age should not be a concern, please feel free to apply for direct commission if you have those rare qualifications that are greatly needed. Age waivers for that category are plentiful.

                      It takes 11 years beyond college to make a neurosurgeon, of course they will be older when they become officers.