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Enlistment Datasheet questions

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  • Enlistment Datasheet questions

    I've taken the ASVAB, and got a decent score. My interest in the Guard peaked as I learned more about OCS. However, I'm more than a little overwhelmed by the request for [U]7 years of work history/place of residence[/U]. My recruiter informed me that for OCS or MP I need 10 years! At 36 yrs I've moved around frequently, and held many different jobs, some less structured than others, such as painting for small crews, construction, etc. Also the places I've lived have many different lengths of time. This is a really annoying road block that is preventing me from making a life-changing decision.

    Has anyone else here found this to be a challenge? Are there any resources that can help me retrieve all these details? The only thing I can think of is the IRS, which would only help me get my work history. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    if you did not hold the job for more than 6 months its not needed u need all the places you lived though


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      Thanks. I just found out I can access my work history via IRS. I should be able to piece the residential-end together once I get this info. That is a semi-relief.


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        Don't feel bad. When I was informed that I needed to have a Top Secert Clearance for my MOS. I had to find out everything about my self from the day I was born. What was the Doctor's name who delivered me, the exact address of the schools I went to all the way back to pre-school. Bank accounts, even the Priest who Baptise me. It took almost a year to put it all together.


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          Try to have every day of the time period requested by your recruiter accounted for because any break in time will also create a roadblock for him during the preparation of your enlistment documents (another road block you will have to endure until fixed). Once you have the SF 86 completed, make a copy of it for your own record because I'm fairly confident that sometime in the future you may need that same information again. I can tell you from personal experience that there's no better feeling than been able to pull out that form any time you need to provide either a work history when applying for a job or a history of your previous places of residence. Having that info on hand is such a relief.
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            It's going to take me some time to gather all the residential history, so I'll make sure I'm thorough. I wouldn't want to have anymore setbacks after this. You can be sure I'll have these records in both digital and paper form, and in a safe place.