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What are requirements for security clearance?

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  • What are requirements for security clearance?

    Does anyone know specifics about what is required for top secret or other security clearances? What type of thing would be an automatic d/q? And if you want a certain MOS or to be an officer or something and later you find out you can't get the clearance, where does that leave you? Thanks.

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    Most MOS don't require a clearance. The granting of a clearance is a bit of an art, but issues that will reduce chances of getting one are: business or family ties to unfriendly nations, felony convictions, and financial irregularities.

    When applying for a clearance, you'll complete form SF86, the security questionnaire. You'll provide information on your past, your family, work history, and other details. Based on that, the state Security Manager can run a quick database check for obvious problems, and read the SF86 for other potential irregularities. If you meet basic standards, the Sec Mgr can grant an interim clearance fairly quickly, pending the results full investigation. During the full investigation someone will contact some of your friends, coworkers, and relatives, and do old fashioned police work on your past. If your investigation is resolved unfavorably, then you'll be removed from the position that required the clearance, and reassigned to other duties, which may require a change of MOS. For officers, if you lose your clearance you lose your commission.


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      security clearance

      If I have had some credit card problems in the past but am working on taking care of them, will that hurt my security clearance?


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        If you're not currently in default, you have a good chance of getting a clearance.

        What will [U]definitely[/U] prevent your clearance is if you are anything less than fully honest on your application. If the investigation turns up something you haven't already disclosed, then you can kiss the clearance goodbye.