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  • Choosing a Career

    Say that I want to go into this career but the state I live in has no such career. Would I be screwed? Would I have to choose another career that is available in my state?

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    Not necessarily. If you're willing to travel to be part of another's state National Guard unit, then there should be no problem at all AS LONG AS YOU CAN MEET ALL THE COMMITMENTS OWE TO THAT STATE (i.e. attending all their drills and not making any excuses due to the distance you have to travel to get there). I live in Rhode Island and in our unit we have people that travel from as far as Maryland to be part of our unit. My parent battalion in Vermont had a guardsman that was travling all the way from Virginia up to Vermont so that he could be a member of the unit.

    Again, it's a matter of making a decision to serve another state and keeping your commitment to that state.


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      i want to be an attorney, and some of the best law schools are in washington state, would i still be able to be a member of the unit here in ohio or would i go into that unite?:confused:


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        You would stay in your unit. You could apply for a transfer to another state if you wanted.


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          Double check with a recruiter in Washington State, the benefits may be different. If you received a bonus you will have to go into a valid/vacant slot in the state in which you are transferring to. Get all the info on the unit you want to transfer to, make sure you are in a valid slot and it should not terminate your bonus when you do the Interstate Transfer.

          Interstate Transfer is a pretty common thing in the National Guard. However, dont expect everything to be the same just because you are transferring states, because benefits and rules reguarding the benefits can change from state to state.