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  • Questions About Pay

    I've always been interested in joining the Military. For the longest time I was convinced I would join the USAF. But when I realized that I would be stationed wherever the Air Force wanted me, I didnt want to just leave home like that.

    So I gave up on joining the Military all together. But then a few days ago I got a letter in the mail that had information on the National Guard. So I decided to check it out because it wasnt a branch I had checked out yet.

    I am seriously considering joining the Guard now, because I found out I can pick where I serve. There are a lot of MOS to choose from too, so I know I can pick a job I will enjoy and will be able to apply to the civilian sector.

    The only thing I wonder about now, is how the pay will work out. I keep reading around the site that you can work as a soldier part time and be a student full time.

    So my questions are these:
    1)What if you don't want to be a part-time soldier? Can you work full time?
    2)If you do work part-time, do you get paid less?(I got a feeling this is a dumb question :p)
    3)If you work full-time, whats the work schedule like? 40 hours a week?

    Basically, I'm not to sure I will be going to any extra school after I graduate from high-school(which is in 4 days! :D). Especially if I can work full-time in the Guard and make a carrer out of it. So that's what I'm trying to figure out.

    Thanks for your replies ahead of time!

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    Basically, the way the Guard works is; Once you enlist, you go to basic training to learn how to be a soldier. Then you go to Advanced Individual Training (AIT) to learn your job skill. Once you get back from that, you serve one weekend a month and two weeks each year. This is the perfect schedule for someone going to college. The Guard will help you pay for college, and give you some good training in the meantime.

    There are full time positions available, but just like any regular job, you have to apply for them and compete with other soldiers that want full time jobs. I wouldn't rely on getting a full time job right off the bat. I would go to college, get some rank, spend a little time in the Guard, and keep an eye out for full time positions when you're getting close to graduating college. College is something that will help you in your civilian career as well as your millitary career.