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  • Irr

    I am a SSG who just recently completed 7 years of honorable service. As part of my out processing, I had to consult with a career councelor who convinced me to complete my 8 year obligation in the National Guard, meaning a 1 year enlistment. He informed me that I would get stabilization and complete my obligation without getting deployed. He also informed me that if I chose the IRR option, that I would definitely be called up because of my MOS.

    The whole process was rushed, as I only had a couple days to clear the unit and installation. He did not tell me that my guard enlistment may be extended for 24 months which I now read is happening frequently with the troop surge. He also grossly misinformed me about the IRR which only accounts for a few thousand deployed troops.

    I would like to change my remaining enlistment obligation from National Guard to IRR. I have 9 months remaining on my 8 year obligation and am due to report to my NG unit in a couple weeks. Are there any soldiers in the forum (officer or enlisted) who could provide any advice?

    I feel swindled by the recruiter, granted I am to blame for not doing my homework.


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    Do yourself a favor and contact your unit before taking any drastic measures. You may find out that the recruiter may have not been missinforming you as much as you think.

    If you have already been deployed, find out from the unit what is the stabilization policy for your state. Our state has a stabilization policy that offers an exemption from deployment for twice the amount of your pervious deployment (if you deployed for a year, you are exempt for two years). Some of the stories that you may have heard are probably due to the Stop Loss policy that automatically extend your term of service if your Guard unit is mobilized. Regardless of whether or not you get hit with a Stop Loss (and I'm referring to my state, RI) you're not considered a deployable asset and therefore can not be deployed. Since you're not a deployable asset, your current ETS is the actual termination date of your service.

    The recruiter may also not be way off line in telling you that due to your MOS you may have being activated from the IRR. I can assure that of the few thousands activated, about 95% of those involuntarily activated from the IRR are critical skills MOS's. I don't know your MOS so I can't tell you with certainty that you may have been snatched but if it is a critical skill the probabilities would have been high.

    Another thing that you must consider is that the Guard does not deploy soldiers individually unless they volunteer. Guardsmen are deployed as complete units and if your Guard unit of assignment recently deployed, it has a period of stabilization before being tapped again. So again, you may be needlessly worrying about being snatched on a deployment.

    Like I said before, contact your Guard unit and find out the skinny from them. You may be surprised about what they may tell you. If after contacting them you still feel the same way, ask about the ING (Inactive National Guard, which in effect will place you in the IRR) and what your state requirements for assignment to the ING are.

    Contact the unit, inform yourself first, then make a decision on what direction you want to take on this issue. If I can be of further assistance on this, don't hesitate to send me an email.